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Airbus creates electronic flight bag apps for pilots with iPads

We've heard about iPads being given to airline pilots before. Because airline pilots usually need quick access to all sorts of information and documentation, an iPad often ends up being cheaper and easier than handling and updating all of the usual paper documents that used to go into any given...

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VoodooPad 5: wiki magic

For those of us who nerd out about things like desktop wikis, VoodooPad 5 (from the creator of Acorn) is an exciting release. It brings new capabilities so powerful that they should come with a "for good, not evil" warning. If you're not familiar with VoodooPad, it's a desktop wiki with media e...

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Clarify brings focus to your screen-based documentation

Clarify -- now in Public Beta -- is Mango Learning System's new product for communicating screen-based instructions quickly and easily. It's something like a successor to ScreenSteps (which history will show I'm a big fan of), but in the words of developer Greg Devore, "while ScreenSteps was ai...

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ScreenSteps 2.8.7, documentation gets social

ScreenSteps, an app for creating screen-based documentation and a TUAW favorite, has just released a pretty big update and a brand-new social document service called The desktop update includes, among other improvements, a totally-rewritten screen capture tool that makes the document...

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TUAW's Daily App: Dimensions

Dimensions is a pretty interesting idea for an iPhone app. It's a set of 3D tools that you can actually use in real life, all put together by making use of the iPhone's hardware in various ways. There's a caliper, a ruler, a couple of tape measures for various sizes, a measuring wheel for even longe...

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Blue Mango delivers rapidfire documentation for iPad apps

We admit it, we have a soft spot for ScreenSteps. Ever since we first met the Blue Mango team three Macworld Expos ago (at the urging of TUAW veteran Laurie Duncan), we've been big fans of their intuitive, cross-platform, and dependable little documentation system. It's not so little anymore, either...

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Xcode Tip: Updating your documentation

It appears that the Dev Center at Apple just updated its documentation set today. If you're using Xcode 3.2 and you want to update your documentation, you might be looking in the wrong place. Before 3.2, you used to update your documentation in the Developer Documentation window (Help > Developer...

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iPhone for Newbies: Honey, I shrunk the manual

Caveat Emptor: This is for newbies only. If you've been around, you probably don't need this. When I bought my last Verizon phone, it came with about three quarters of a pound of paper housed in three manuals allowing me to find just about anything through the index. Yeah, it was overkill -- but...

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iTunes 8.2 to include Blu-ray support?

Update: Our bad... the date on the MacRumors comment was in late April, and this recycled up into our queue due to an editing mixup. Apologies –Ed. There's a new iTunes beta version out in developers' hands straight from Apple, and a forum poster over at Mac Rumors found a little something f...

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ScreenSteps 2.5 takes screen-based documentation a step forward

ScreenSteps, the invaluable tool (mentioned here many a time) for writing software documentation quickly and easily, has updated to version 2.5. Among the new features is improved annotation capabilities, including a text tool and keyboard shortcuts for speedy duplication and repositioning of annota...

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Christmas gifts Apple could give me

It's the Holiday Season, and over the years I have happily spent a lot of my XMAS money with our favorite fruit named company. My love affair with Apple products goes back to the venerated Apple II. I do have a couple of PC laptops in the house, and of course I can also run Vista on VMWare Fusion, b...

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Show floor video: Screensteps makes documenting easier

Do you make documentation? Do you constantly find yourself having to explain step-by-step procedures to do things on the Mac? BlueMango Learning Systems has been doing this stuff for a while, and the tedium eventually drove them to create their own tool to make things faster. That's innovation for y...

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iPhone Coding: iPhone Developer Docs updated to 1.1.2

A few weeks ago, our Mike Rose posted about my 1.1.1 iPhone header documentation. I'm pleased to say that after a huge amount of work, I've updated those docs up to version 1.1.2. The new documents cover all the Objective-C headers for the iPhone and iPod touch 1.1.2 frameworks including updated key...

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Melman Quicksilver User's Guide

As regular readers know, we here at TUAW are huge fans of Quicksilver from Blacktree. The great thing about Quicksilver is how much functionality it puts at your finger tips. Of course the main problem with Quicksilver is how much functionality it puts at your finger tips! Even those of us who havin...

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Apple adds Nike+ section to iPod Support site

Apple must have heard our jab at their one-line Nike+ Sport Kit support document yesterday and decided to whip up a full-blown Nike+ support section of their much-loved iPod Support site. Delusions of grandeur aside, the support section offers the typical troubleshooting and 'How do I...' sections,...

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