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A friendly reminder to former MobileMe customers: Free storage upgrade ends September 30

I knew something was up this morning when my wife sent me a message saying that she had received an email from Apple about exceeding 5 GB of storage and functions would stop working after September 30, 2013, if she continued to exceed that amount. There's a reason for this: former MobileMe customers...

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Mountain Lion 101: The iCloud Document Library

One of my favorite features of Mountain Lion to demonstrate so far has been the iCloud Document Library. This is a way to store your iWork, TextEdit, and Preview documents in iCloud so that they are immediately accessible from other Macs on the same iCloud account as well as on connected iOS de...

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New iCloud FAQ: Yes, there will be webmail

Since iCloud was announced by Apple on June 6, the TUAW inbox has been filled to capacity with questions about the many features of Apple's cloud computing platform of the future. Unfortunately, we have been just as much in the fog as you have about what features are moving from MobileMe to iCl...

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