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Dog Days of Summer: The end of Toby's YouTube binge

It's a hot summer day. You're bored, you grab your iPad, and you binge out on cute doggy videos on YouTube. But what happens when you've seen every possible video? Surely you wouldn't stoop so low as to watch cat videos on YouTube... No, it's time to just relax and think about taking a nap. TUA...

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Dog Days of Summer: Apps by Jasper

Unlike Rosie from a few weeks ago, who wanted nothing more than to get her human away from programming and go for a walk, Jasper the Vizsla puppy is perfectly content to sit in owner William Smith's lap and help him code. We can't wait to see the apps Jasper's programmed! If you have a Dog Days n...

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Dog Days of Summer: Stop coding and pay attention to ME

There's nothing more annoying to a dog than being as adorable as Rosie and having your human ignore you while he's coding. "I mean, come ON - it's summer! And there are things to do outside! You're just sitting there staring at that screen and moving your fingers while I'm over here being cute! I ...

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YouTube Find: Animals go insane over the iPad

We all know how much cats love the iPad, but did you know that dogs, birds and lizards love it, too? Check out this entertaining compilation video below showcasing our furry and not-so-furry friends enjoying some quality time with everyone's favorite tablet. ...

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Chloe the Corgi, meet iPad

Well, we've already introduced a cat to the iPad, so a dog would naturally follow, right? tried their best to bring their corgi Chloe (I really love corgis, ever since Cowboy Bebop) to the iPad, but as you can see in the video above, she doesn't take to it quite as well as Iggy the cat...

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iPhone vs. dog: 1 - 0

The sight of a poor, defenseless Nano getting smashed under a tire was bad enough, but a dog versus iPhone story? Well, that's enough to bring a tear to the eye. Tyler Hall left his iPhone on a table recently while he took a shower and it seems his dog mistook it for a Snausage. Luckily, Tyler pri...

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Nike+ iPod not just for humans

Ah, the things you can find on Craigslist, the world's most popular online classifieds. For example, postings about dog walkers are pretty normal fare on any big city's Craiglist section. However, how about a dog runner? This person claims that he can exercise your dog for you, but you don't have to...

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