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Apple rejects iPad app for pinch-to-expand

We've heard all kinds of reasons for rejected apps on the App Store, but this one seems new to us. An iPad app called Web Albums HD has reportedly been rejected from the App Store for including a pinch-to-expand feature in its Picasa albums viewing functionality, as reported on Apple Insider. The d...

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Apple seizes 16 domain names from squatter

Apple dropped the hammer on a domain squatter the other day, reclaiming sixteen different domain names in one fell swoop. The company filed a complaint a while back against a guy named Daniel Bijan, who didn't bother to fight his case at all (not that he has one), and the result earlier this week g...

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Happy 5th birthday (plus or minus a few months) TUAW!

While writing up a short post about Wolfram|Alpha yesterday, I decided to test the service by entering a few domain names to see what kind of results I would get. I typed in TUAW.com and Macworld.com, and was pleased to see a comparison of daily hit statistics, but what really surprised me was to fi...

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The real .mac opens up with new regulations

ICANN, the ruling body for Internet domain naming, has voted to relax a few rules that will supposedly open up a whole slew of top-level domain names, multiple news sources are reporting. They haven't exactly said why they're doing this, only that it will "preserve the security, stability, and globa...

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Rumor: Me.com bought by Apple?

Over the weekend, the rumor mills went crazy with reports that Apple had bought a new domain name from their registrar (Mark Monitor). The domain name in question: me.com, which would agree with previous reports of Apple re-branding their .Mac service as "Mobile Me." As we reported earlier it seems ...

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iPhone.com domain hit hard

iPhone.com, which is not owned by Apple, has been hit so hard today that the site has temporarily been shut down. Created in 1995, according to publicly available domain information, it is currently registered by Go Daddy. iPhone.org, however, is registered by Apple Computer and will redirect you t...

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