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iGTD - yet another powerful, integrated GTD app

I know, I know - we've been blogging so many GTD apps lately that you probably needed to create a new task list just to look through them and make a decision. iGTD, however, packs one heckuva punch, so I thought it would be worth mentioning. While it includes all the typical features one probably ...

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The obligatory SmashMyiPhone.com debutes

Here we go again - as if smashing one's iPod (and Playstation 3, and Wii...) wasn't enough, someone has already registered SmashMyiPhone.com and is - obviously - taking donations to purchase an iPhone whose number is already up. Unless this site finds a workaround to purchasing an iPhone sans-contra...

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Widget Watch: iPodage song calculator

Remember that iPod storage calculator iLounge released? It seems Christian Chladek, maker of such other widgets as the Morse Code Translator, was inspired to provide an iPod calculator in widget form. iPodage allows you to pick your iPod model and adjust all the vital settings to do some quick and d...

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Contribute to hurricane Katrina relief via the iTunes Music Store

This post is just a quick break from our usual Apple-centric coverage. The catastrophe in America's Gulf Coast is really all I can think about lately. The video I see on the news every night is almost surreal in its unimaginable horror. I don't even pretend to be able to understand what those people...

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