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Tag: downtime

Apple Developer Center outage fixed 'Remote Code Execution' issue

The Apple Developer Center downtime that brought the dev corner of Apple's online services down for over a week was apparently centered around what the company is calling a "remote code execution issue," MacRumors reports. The company posted the information on the Apple Web Server Notifications pa...

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Some users experience FaceTime, iMessage outages for the second time in one week

Apple's FaceTime and iMessage services experienced some downtime Friday morning, the second such outage this week. Today's outage only lasted from 10:45 AM to 12:07 PM, but the outage on Tuesday lasted for five hours and affected the same programs. Other Apple services were not affected, and th...

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Battle Dungeon goes offline due to piracy

Battle Dungeon is a tactical strategy multiplayer game for iOS that arrived on the App Store about a week ago, but it's no longer there. The developer announced on its website that it has pulled the game from the store due to piracy. The US$4.99 game (also supported by in-app purchases) experie...

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iTunes Connect down for maintenance for most of July 13 (updated)

The Mac App Store, iTunes Store, and App Store have all been experiencing fairly serious connectivity issues over the past several hours. Many speculated this was a sign that OS X Lion was about to debut on the Mac App Store, despite plenty of evidence suggesting it won't hit until July 14 at t...

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The store was DOWN...and now it's not

And a one.. And a two... The Store is DOWN The Store is DOWN Oh yes the Store, the Store is DOWN Oh lord, I hope that there will be goodies When the Store come back around... Trust me, it sounds a lot more musical after you've had a few drinks. Anyway, keep an eye on it and let us kn...

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MobileMe mail offline for 'some users'... again

What is there to say about it, really? The cloud that thinks different appears to be unresponsive on webmail and POP/IMAP connections for some unknown fraction of the userbase, and it's been having issues since the morning hours today. Mel noted a long slow period yesterday, and also spotted some...

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A month later, it's still Mobile 'Meh'

Yesterday, Mobile Me was down again, underscoring how little the service has improved since its introduction last month. Pockets of users have been affected regularly by outages and slowness since the service first came online. MacRumors calculates that Mobile Me has been up 96 percent of the time (...

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Apple extends MobileMe subscriptions by 30 days

Apple has extended every MobileMe subscription by a month, due to the exceptionally ornery transition this past week. "The .Mac to MobileMe transition was a lot rockier than we had hoped," Apple spokesman Bill Evans told Macworld. "We want to apologize to our loyal customers and express our appreci...

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What happened: AT&T on iTunes activation problems interviewed AT&T spokesperson Mark Siegel, who confirmed that Friday's activation server outage was due to massive worldwide demand. This may not come as a surprise, but it's the only official comment we've heard. "The iTunes software appeared to have been so overwhelmed by demand [Frida...

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Mobile Me appears to be up and running

I realize I post this at great personal peril, but Mobile Me appears to be working. Apple has updated the Mobile Me support page with information specific to Mobile Me, and has removed the notice about the update taking longer than usual. After a rough first 24 hours, Mobile Me services appear to ...

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iTunes activation server pining for the fjords

According to a few tipsters, the iTunes activation servers that help do everything from activate brand new iPhones to getting new firmware for iPod touches are dead to the world. Tipster dik said "[A]s of right now, [Apple Retail] has lost all connectivity with the iTunes activation servers. No id...

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MobileMe now really, truly up? No.

As Robert mentioned earlier today, the launch of MobileMe has been a rockier road than a Baskin-Robbins convention in the same hotel as a Weight Watchers conference. With .Mac services (including webmail, near and dear to my travelin' heart) down most of the day, all we could do was commiserate with...

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The MobileMe rollercoaster

MobileMe has been up and down since late last night like so much rancid Chinese food. We know just about as much as you do: we're getting tips that it's up -- no, wait -- it's down. And now it's back up! And now it's down. I was briefly able to log in and explore Contacts and iDisk, but was shut out...

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Will WWDC break Twitter?

In the Venn diagram of users, the intersection of "Mac" and "Twitter" appears to be quite large. Why this is, I'm not sure, but it's true that many Mac users rely on the short-message broadcasting service for their day-to-day lives. There's some concern in both communities that the flood of new twee...

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Thus goeth down the Apple Store

Shall I compare thee to a yellow sticky note? Thou art more foreboding and less indicative of closure. Rough winds do shake retail commerce before May And downtime hath all too short a date. Sometimes too excited the yellow sticky shines And often is his gold complexion dimm'd And sometimes when cr...

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