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Macworld 2010: First look at the show floor

The show floor doesn't actually open for about 40 more minutes (as of this writing), but here you go -- we'll get you in, let you look around, and see what Macworld has to offer this year. From the indie dev booths to the towering Dr. Bott and IBM booths, to our own TUAW livestream studio (look for...

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Review: ifrogz iPhone 3G case

The folks at Dr. Bott were kind enough to send us an ifrogz Luxe case for the iPhone 3G to review. We drew straws (virtually) and I won the opportunity to kick the tires, so to speak, and give you my impressions. Personally, I'm not a big fan of cases on my phones and PDAs; they go in and out of my...

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Winners in the Back-to-School giveaways

If you entered one of our snazzy back-to-school giveaways in August you might want to check your email (and junk mail folders) today. We've sent confirmations to everyone who won. Congratulations to you, randomly-selected recipients! Here's a look at what we gave away: Ten licenses of Searchli...

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No iPhone 3G for school? Win a bag of goodies instead

So textbooks and gas shot your budget for a shiny-new iPhone 3G? We feel for ya, with your old-and-busted first-gen iPhone, nano, Airport Extreme and shiny new MacBook. What, you don't have all that either? Pity. Tell you what, we'll give you a bunch of accessories for those items instead, OK? Cou...

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Win portable goodies for your Valentine

Whether you've got a significant other who deserves something awesome for Valentine's Day, or you're just celebrating a certain Mac blogger's birthday, here's your chance for some free loot. We're giving away one of each of the following, courtesy Dr. Bott: Marware Protection Pack Plus for 15"...

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Swag bag winners, t-shirt replacements, many more giveaways to follow

This morning I finally shipped out the first round of swag-bag winners from our Talkcasts. Congratulations to those who called in, I hope you enjoy your junk prizes. Unfortunately our pre-Macworld t-shirt winners wound up with their t-shirts handed out at Macworld, and those were the very last of ...

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