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Baldur's Gate pulled from the App Store

Dungeons and Dragons fans may be dismayed to hear that Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition was removed from the App Store yesterday. Peter Cohen of iMore reported that Overhaul Games pulled Baldur's Gate due to some contractual issues that need to be resolved. If you previously purchased the game, yo...

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Mountain Lion's dictate software compared to Dragon Dictation

Macworld has done an interesting comparison of two different dictation offerings available on your Mac: They've looked at the core dictation service available in the latest version of OS X, Mountain Lion, and compared it to Nuance's classic Dragon Dictation service, comparing the two in terms o...

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Review: Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac delivers reliable dictation

I was anxious to test the updated Dragon Dictate, now at version 3, as I had been a steady user of the Dragon products over the years and watched them improve. The new version offers performance boosts for legacy users, along with some attractive new features that might entice customers. Dragon...

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Nuance's Dragon ID voice login could leap from Android to iOS

As jailbreak aficionados are quick to point out, the stock version of iOS isn't the most customizable mobile platform out there. Certain hooks are simply unavailable to App Store applications, while users of Brand X phones can take advantage of third-party tools to enable face unlock (or, if they...

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Star Walk and Solar Walk apps now track the Space X Dragon

The two bestselling astronomy apps, Star Walk and Solar Walk for iOS, can now find and track the Space X Dragon, the first commercial vehicle to visit the International Space Station. The Dragon was launched Tuesday. When you search for the spacecraft, you'll see it's current position. As I wri...

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Dragon adds Recorder app for time-shifted desktop dictation

It's all about speech on the iPhone 4S, from the systemwide dictation features to the inscrutable but very helpful Siri assistant. The fine folks at Nuance (suppliers of some of the underlying IP that powers the 4S voice savvy) have made a big move into the mobile space; the company already has a...

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Changes to Nuance developer program will result in a flood of voice enabled apps

The company behind the Dragon speech recognition applications for computers and iOS devices has announced a new developer program that will allow software to access Dragon Voice technology at no charge. It could result in a tidal wave of apps that harness the power of the Nuance speech recognit...

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Vlingo 2 adds more voice power to iPhone

In the burgeoning market for iPhone voice recognition apps, the free Dragon Dictate clearly holds the top spot. In fact, this paragraph was dictated using DragonDictate (with some minor edits after the fact). However, the application doesn't always shine when it comes to getting your text quickly an...

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Weekend app reviews roundup: Turner Classic Movies, Emoti, Dragon goes north

The latest & greatest from our central App Reviews hub, including a giveaway for Emoti! For all the movie buffs out there, here's TCM on your iPhone The iPhone has been good for movie fans. There is the free IMBD, plus the Empire Magazine collection of reviews at $4.99, plus scads of ...

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Adventure released for the iPhone

Part of me just wants to post this screenshot, link this app, and say "go get it," but I have a feeling that my blogging overlords here would think I was just being lazy -- they might not understand that this is a screenshot from Adventure, which is available for free on the iPhone. Anyone who eve...

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David Pogue blogs mini-review of Parallels 3

David Pogue, the NY Times' answer to Walt Mossberg (as distinct from "This WSJ writer, nicknamed Uncle Walt, hosted two technology legends at a 2007 conference" -- that's the Jeopardy answer to Walt Mossberg) hasn't reviewed Parallels 3.0 yet, at least not in print. On his blog, however, Pogue has g...

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