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Hierarchical browsing work-arounds

One of the bigger annoyances many folks have complained about with Leopard is the loss of hierarchical file browsing of folders in the Dock. Of course in Leopard you get Stacks, with all their fancy fanning and gridding, but you lose the ability to right-click a folder and dig into the sub-folders. ...

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DragThing 5.9 with Leopard support and full dragabilty

DragThing, which could have my favorite Mac app name ever, is a launcher that will open up anything you (surprise!) drag to it, and can also work as a Dock alternative and a visual clipboard. The idea is that everything you need is just a click (or a hotkey press) away. And now, this thing has hit...

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Pangea releases TabMeister

Pangea Software is best known for their games, but now they've brought out a new productivity utility called TabMeister. Basically it allows you to add pull out tabs to the edge of your screen which "act like pop-up folders containing icons of all of the things you want to have access to." In additi...

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DragThing updated to 5.7.2

The venerable (more than 11 years since v1.0!) launch utility DragThing has been revised to version 5.7.2, adding three new dock themes and clipping tools while squashing a few bugs. I've been a DragThing user since v2 and despite the siren call of QuickSilver, DT still holds a place in my heart an...

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Dragthing updated to version 5.6.4

Dragthing, the popular utility by TLA systems, has been updated to version 5.6.4. Dragthing can be used as an alternative to Mac OS X's dock, with more features. In fact, it allows you create several docks that you can organize and arrange as you wish, and access via the tabbed interface or user-def...

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