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Found Footage: Homemade stratospheric capsule uses iPhone GPS

In the midst of all the excitement and hype surrounding today's announcements, we thought we'd share this popular and heart-warming tale of a father and son believing in their dreams and reaching for them. Seven-year-old Max Geissbuhler and his dad, Luke Geissbuhler, dreamed of visiting space. A...

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No Comment: Inception explained for Mac users

Confused by the summer's biggest blockbuster and its multiple dream levels? Wishing Christopher Nolan had used some sort of OS X-related metaphor instead? Jonah Ray's got just the graphic for you -- he created a graphic that shows just who's around on each level of the vast dreamscape in Inception,...

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Our iTablet Dreams: What TUAW is wishing for

Last week the topic of the iTablet ranged into dream territory as we TUAWians discussed this speculative post over at Technologizer. Although some team members expressed reservations about the iTablet and its possible limitations, others of us let our hopes range free. With apologies to Robert Brow...

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