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Lots of apps on sale for Valentine's Day: Dungeon Defenders, Quarrel, more

Yes, it's Valentine's Day, but even if you're lonely and forlorn without love, there's good news: A bunch of iOS developers have put their apps on sale! The great Quarrel Deluxe is available for only 99 cents. Don't pass this one up if you haven't grabbed it yet -- it's a really quality word game...

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Encased iPad survives 1300 foot drop, because why not?

The folks at G-Form make athletic pads and rugged iPad cases, but they must really hate Apple's tablet over there. Not only did they drop a bowling ball on it and drop it out of a plane at 500 feet, but now they've doubled that distance, throwing a couple of encased iPads from a parachute at a ...

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8 GB iPhone 3GS now free with contract, iPhone 4 price dropped

With the announcement of the new iPhone 4S today, Apple has also dropped the price on the previous versions of the iPhone. The iPhone 3GS version with 8 GB of memory is now down to the low, low price of absolutely free (as long as you're willing to sign up on a two-year contract with the cellph...

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Final Fantasy I and II on sale, ESPN app free, Real Racing on sale this weekend

Here's some good news about a few popular apps on the App Store: Square Enix has dropped the price on retro titles Final Fantasy I and II. The games were originally released at US$8.99, but to celebrate more widespread localization, the apps have dropped down to $3.99. Great games, nice price. ...

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Navigon cuts price of MyRegion version for a limited time

If you were about to buy one of the MyRegions Navigon GPS apps for the iPhone, don't press that 'buy' button just yet. In honor of WWDC, Navigon will make the normally U.S. $29.99 version just $14.99 from June 1 through June 11. That's a big savings on one of the premier nav apps. The MyRegions vers...

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November sales data: Mac desktops down, laptops strong

The NPD data for November retail sales have arrived, and the news is not that cheery: year-over-year Mac sales were flat last month, while Windows PC sales grew 7 percent over 2007's total. Desktops on both platforms got hammered, with 20% drops across both platforms -- Windows machines down 15% and...

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Slippery or not? The great iPhone slipperiness debate

Is the iPhone slippery? Will it drop out of your hands during use, crashing to the floor below and destroying your expensive purchase? That's the question raised over on Digg, which linked up this story about slippery iPhones. The story quotes Alexandrous Roussos, who wrote "the material used on the...

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Apple slashes Cinema display prices, too

A number of observant TUAW readers have also noticed that Apple has (quietly) slashes Cinema display prices with the introduction of the Mac Pro. There were rumors of Cinema updates before WWDC, but it seems that Apple simply wanted to give our pocketbooks a break with the $500 increase in the Mac P...

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Apple Store UK lowering prices?

We're receiving tips that the Apple Store UK has begun quietly dropping prices on a few of Apple's products. Specifically, both versions of the iPod nano are reportedly down £10 each, while the 1.66 Ghz Mac mini has been lowered £70. The iMac is also alleged to have received a price drop...

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Sandvox 1.0 official release

I'm really glad to see all this innovation in WYSIWYG web editing software, and from my experience, Sandvox from Karelia Software is poised to lead the pack. Yes, I've been going on about how excited I am about the iWeb 1.1 update, but after playing with Sandvox's beta editions, I'm going to give t...

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Review: iWeb's enhancements are exactly what it needed

In the most recent iLife '06 software update that Damien mentioned, iWeb understandably received the largest bump of new features and bug fixes; after all, it is the latest to arrive at the iLife party. Considering that I've been pretty vocal about my gripes with this otherwise fantastic addition to...

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Access iPhoto and iTunes libraries with a simple Automator action

You could also file this under "fantastic Automator actions that Apple should've advertised when Tiger was being released." A post at macosxhints has discovered a simple Automator action you can use to open panel containing your entire iPhoto or iTunes library (pictured), complete with alb...

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