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3G technology: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Cellular technology has been evolving since its invention. With the first cellular telephone networks, developed by Bell Labs and AT&T, cellular technology began to make leaps forward in ease of use, voice quality, and data communication. The miracle of technology we know today as the cellular p...

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AT&T rolling out MicroCell to five more markets

We've previously written about AT&T's MicroCell device and service here at TUAW. It's a tiny cell tower that you plug into your home cable or DSL connection to boost your phone reception. This is particularly handy for those with home offices who may currently be plagued with poor reception on t...

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Guest post: Setting up an AT&T MicroCell with Murphy Mac

Editor's Note: We welcome guest poster Murphy Mac, a long-time friend of the site who shared with us his experience of setting up one of the new femtocell AT&T repeaters that promise to improve reception for well-heeled iPhone users... or will they? Good times for Charlotte, North Carolina: Firs...

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Macs on the Mobile Model?

Well, this is interesting. Our sister blog Engadget is reporting a deal in France cooked up by Euro telecoms Orange. Apparently if you sign up for three years of DSL service at €60 (~$79) a month you get a MacBook along with Apple tech support (AppleCare? - I don't read French and the original ...

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