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iOS 7 calendar display bug for end of DST hits USA

As we reported last week when the UK clocks fell back, there's a quirk in the iOS calendar display routines that's evident on the first day after the switch from Daylight Saving Time back to Standard Time. Although alarms and reminders trigger as they should (on the new schedule), the "red line" cur...

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iOS users jump time zones during DST switch

Ah, the pleasures of Daylight Saving Time. The semi-annual clock shift (known as "Summer Time" in the UK and Europe) saves energy on lighting and heating and aligns daylight hours with the times most people are active; unfortunately, the actual change leads to frayed sleep, a brief spike in traffic...

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Xserve, we hardly knew ye: a requiem tonight at 10p ET on the Talkcast

Friday's news hasn't really sunk in yet for most Mac admins and server-lovers, but it's true: the Xserve is heading to that great rackmount in the sky. Whether you're deeply bereft or couldn't care less, you're welcome to join us tonight on the TUAW Talkcast. We'll be kicking things off at 10pm East...

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Reports coming in of DST-related Snow Leopard issues

The workaround is apparently simple (if it hasn't already resolved itself after the cutover); just turn off the menu bar clock in System Preferences for a moment, and the problem should go away. On the other hand, the philosophical question of whether a system version that was billed as having no ma...

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DST reminders for Mac users

If you're extra-drowsy this morning in the USA, you're not alone. The switch to Daylight Saving Time over the weekend, moved earlier last year, leaves us scratching our heads in sleepiness for a few days... although, according to a recently-published study, the DST-associated rise in automobile acci...

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Daylight Saving Time last-minute reminder

Here at TUAW we're all about the public service. Really. We would hate for you to be late for brunch on Sunday, so once again let us remind you that Daylight Saving Time starts in most of the US & Canada this weekend. This year, thanks to regulatory changes, the one-hour shift starts three weeks...

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