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Matrox DualHead2go adapter broadens your monitor horizons

If your widescreen ambitions can't be contained by a mere 1920x1080 HD screenscape, the fine folks at Matrox have a solution for you. The DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition display adapter, priced around US$160, is built and marketed specifically for the Thunderbolt and DisplayPort-enabled Mac models...

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Ask TUAW: External Front Row, iSight mirroring, booting from an external hd and more

It's time again for Ask TUAW, our weekly feature where you ask the questions and we make up the answers... er, I mean carefully research and determine the optimal solutions. This week we'll be tackling questions about using Front Row on an external display, mirroring on an iSight, multiple external ...

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Dual displays with a Mac mini

Aniel wanted to use two displays with his Mac mini. After some poking around, he came across the Matrox dualHead2Go ($169US), which acts as a sort of splitter for a VGA signal. Even though the box says "Windows only," Aniel got it working under Mac  OS X. He notes that the dualHead2Go...

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