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Productivity Tip: Synchronizing tasks for the individual

This week's Productivity Tip... As a kid I used little Day Timer notebooks to keep track of my schedules and projects. Of course my duties in high school were minimal compared to today, but those pocket-able sprial-bound notepads were great for capturing and tracking all my "stuff." In film school...

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Productivity Tip: Using specialized lists for specific use cases

It's time for this week's Productivity Tips column. While I use OmniFocus for just about everything, there are times when I prefer other task managers to handle certain things. Many productivity gurus advise against using more than one tool to list tasks, but I don't like putting short-term list i...

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Productivity Tip: Time for timers

Every day you have the same 24 hours as the rest of us to get what is likely a crushing amount of work done and out of your way so you can spend some time relaxing. Or, as one author has framed it, you have 168 hours in a week to accomplish what you want and move forward toward your goals. Ho...

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Friday Favorite: Due

Yesterday around the TUAW water cooler a number of us expressed our love of Due, an app for Mac and iOS that is basically a simple timer/reminder application (my original review here). After trying dozens of timer apps, I think Due wins for a number of features that make it stand out from a ver...

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Apple discounts OS X task managers in new Get Stuff Done promotion

Apple launched a new three-week promotion on OS X productivity apps. The Get Stuff Done offer starts this week and features a handful of task managers. We've already told you about Things 2, which is available at 50% off its regular price of $49.99. Also included in the sale are Todo ($6.99),...

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Due for Mac now available with cloud sync, much more

We've been using Due for iOS for quite a while now (our review) It's exciting that there's finally a Mac version of Due available. It's just as useful as its mobile counterpart an offers wireless sync, rapid reminder creation and great looks. Plus, it's still a nag, which is exactly what I need. H...

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Due for iPad brings reminders to the big screen

Due, the simple and almost supernaturally useful reminder app for the iPhone (our review) has finally gone universal. Due on the iPad (US$4.99) offers the same great look and functionality as its iPhone-exclusive predecessor, and it introduces over-the-air sync of reminders thanks to the magic of ...

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Due: A simple, beautiful, wonderful reminder app for iOS devices

Perhaps the most important of the distinguishing factors of the App Store and iOS development is the insanely high quality of apps. Not all apps -- not by a long shot -- but the ones that are made with care and attention are truly wonders of form and function wrapped in a gorgeous shell. Due ...

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