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Health trials using Apple's HealthKit about to start at two US hospitals

Apple's HealthKit is one of the most exciting aspects of iOS 8, but when it launches, the app's focus will be mainly on fitness rather than longterm health. HealthKit still has a long way to go before its full potential is realized, but work is already underway. Reuters is reporting that Stanford ...

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Duke Nukem 2 on its way to iOS

Duke Nukem 3D is already available to play on the App Store now, and just in time for the sequel's 20th anniversary, Duke Nukem 2 is coming to the App Store soon. Interceptor Entertainment (the folks behind the recent Rise of the Triad reboot announcement) has teamed up with 3D Realms to bring ...

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Duke Nukem 1 and 2 now available for Mac on GOG.com

Ever since they first announced that they'd be carrying Mac games, GOG.com has steadily added to the amount of retro titles on offer, making some really great old games available for our favorite platform. And today's edition is no slouch, either: They've put the original Duke Nukem and its seq...

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Duke Nukem Forever coming to the Mac

Aspyr Media has posted on its blog that it will be bringing the long-awaited Duke Nukem sequel, titled Duke Nukem Forever, to the Mac. Known for its legendary development period, the game finally arrived on PC and consoles recently, and unfortunately, it didn't turn out very well, earning gener...

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Duke Nukem 3D brings classic carnage to iPhone gamers

Now playing on iPhones: the first-person shooter that armed a generation, Duke Nukem 3D [iTunes link], in all its crass and pixelated glory. While it may not be the best 13-year-old game on the platform, it's bound to be one of the more popular ones; the control system has been expanded for the touc...

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Wireless problem was Cisco bug, not iPhone traffic, says Duke

As Dave noted on Friday, we expected to hear more from Duke on the iPhone-killed-our-network story, and we did -- on Friday the university released a statement that identified the problem, now resolved, as "a Cisco-based network issue" which has now been patched. The iPhone has been fully exonerated...

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iPhones bedevil Duke

Well apparently things aren't so rosy with iPhones at Duke University. Their IT managers are reporting that iPhones are actually causing many of their wireless access points to shut down for 10-15 minutes each. Because of some sort of misconfiguration involving the Address Resolution Protocol the iP...

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Duke no longer giving students iPods

You may remember that last year Duke gave every incoming Freshman an iPod on which to listen to course podcasts and the like. Duke soon changed the program to give the iPods only to students who were taking 'iPod approved' classes. This has worked well since the number of 'iPod Approved' classes has...

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