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Final Print

I'm just getting into video editing thanks to a video podcast I'm producing. This new world of digital video frightens and confuses me. I'm just a simple boy from Philadelphia with no prior cinematic experience. Despite the fact that I am a video neophyte I can still use the usefulness in Final Pri...

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iMac 24-inch surprise: graphics card is upgradeable?

MacsimumNews broke down a MacGeneration post (a French publication) revealing that the new 24-inch iMac Apple introduced this week could quite possibly be the first iMac with a truly upgradeable graphics card. Thanks to a new Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM - originally designed for high-end noteboo...

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QuickTime Components 101

Ever wondered what happens when you can't view a QuickTime movie, and Apple's QT player prompts you to "download the missing component?" Essentially a QuickTime component is QT's version of a plug-in. Similar to how Flash plug-in allows you to view Flash content, or Windows Media Player us...

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