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Judge appoints external monitor to ensure Apple complies with antitrust laws

This past July, US District Judge Denise Cote found Apple guilty of colluding with book publishers in an effort to raise the price of e-books across the industry. Following that, the Department of Justice proposed a wide array of remedies to ensure that Apple wouldn't run afoul of antitrust laws in ...

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Steve Jobs didn't want an iBookstore until Eddy Cue convinced him

During Apple's e-book price-fixing case on Thursday, Apple executive Eddy Cue testified that Steve Jobs initially wasn't interested in getting into the e-book market at all. Lucky for us, All Things D was on hand to capture all of the courtroom details describing the backstory behind Apple's event...

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Amazon, Apple customers to get credits for price-fixed e-books

E-book buyers who unwittingly fell victim to the much publicized price-fixing scheme to universally raise the cost of popular digital reading materials will soon receive a credit for their troubles. Both Amazon and Apple have started distributing emails to customers who can expect a credit. App...

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"Champion of the book" William H. Gass publishes on iPad

It's a marker of our changing times. William Gass, long a critic of the Internet and a supporter of the printed, rather than the electronic word, has published on e-book readable only on an iPad. In an interesting New York Times interview, Gass says he isn't so down on the Internet and technology...

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What Harry Potter e-books mean for Apple

Unless you were somehow locked into a Petrificus Totalus for most of the previous day, you've probably heard of J.K. Rowling's Pottermore, an online extension of the Harry Potter universe that will feature games, information about the series not previously released in the books, and more. Of co...

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Magic Catalog brings free books to your iBooks or Kindle collection

Most people know that there is a free Kindle app for iOS that will let you read books from Amazon's Kindle store. Apple also offers a free iBooks app. Fewer people have heard of Project Gutenberg, where you can download over 30,000 free books, and fewer still have heard of the Magic Catalog from ...

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Survey: Apple iPad catching up to Kindle

There is still a big price difference, but the iPad is challenging the Amazon Kindle as a preferred device for reading e-books in ownership and satisfaction. That's according to a ChangeWave survey of more than 2,800 U.S. consumers. Of iPad owners, 75% said they were "very satisfied" with their dev...

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Reading a book is faster than reading an iBook

A study conducted by usability consultant Jakob Nielsen claims that reading on e-book readers like the iPad and the Kindle still doesn't match up to the reading speed of good old printed paper. The test chose 32 people (admittedly a small sample, but one that was felt to be representative of an e-re...

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Kindle and Nook e-readers get massive price cuts

We can't say for sure if the Apple iPad is the cause, but it's a pretty good bet the iPad and the iBook app are part of the problem for Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Both booksellers today dramatically cut the price of their competing e-book readers. Nook started the ball rolling downhill this mor...

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Wired does a first iPad edition: It rocks, but costs too much

This is what e-magazines should have always been. A sparkling layout, embedded animations, video and audio. Compared to what Wired has done, the other magazines offered, like Time and Popular Science, feel pretty much like tarted up PDF files. Adobe created the translation for the iPad for Conde ...

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Borders Books announces e-reader with apps for iPhone, OS X and the iPad

Borders has announced a very low cost e-reader that will ship in June. The device, made by Canadian company Kobo, will sell for U.S. $149.99 and come preloaded with 100 classic books. At a much lower cost than the iPad, the Barnes and Noble Nook, and the Amazon Kindle, the book reader may get som...

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This Apple really is for the teacher (and students)

iPads for high school students? Yes, thanks. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that Monte Vista Christian School has 60 iPads ready to serve advanced placement students with e-books instead of the clunky old paper variety. The pilot project may expand to more students if all goes well. Teachers lov...

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iPad defeats Kindle in reader poll

Over at Mashable, a poll of readers put the iPad up against the Kindle, by asking which device would " over the hearts and minds" of Mashable readers. The results were 48 for Kindle, and 11% preferred their books in analog format. Mashable is not a Mac fan site, so the results are, at least...

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iBookstore expanding internationally ... eventually

The announcement of the iBookstore wasn't particularly surprising -- analysts had expected such a move from Apple for months. What was somewhat surprising was that as of the initial announcement of the iPad and its tie-in with the iBookstore, there were no announced plans for international versions ...

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Further thoughts on the Kindle iPhone experience

It hasn't been a week since Amazon released the Kindle for iPhone app [App Store link] but the aftermath has been almost seismic. Kindle for iPhone has remained in the top ten free apps list since it was released. For a few days, it was number one. It looks like it was a good gamble for Amazon, and ...

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