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E Ink feeling the pinch from more capable tablets

In late 2007 when Amazon's very first Kindle hit the market, it was the beginning of big things for Taiwan's E Ink Holdings Inc. The company is the one behind the black-and-white display found in Amazon's e-reader and many like it. At the time, the iPad was still over two years from being introduc...

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Kindle ad goes on the offensive against the iPad

Amazon's taken a leaf out of Apple's advertising book (Mac vs PC, anyone?) by going head to head with the iPad maker in the most recent Kindle television ad. Most noticeably, the spot delivers a low blow to the iPad's comparatively poor screen visibility in direct sunlight. As far as ads go it's r...

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Kindle, iPad, and paper examined microscopically

The above image is a picture of the iPad's screen, multiplied by 24 times over. Keith Peters at Bit-101 used his new USB microscope to examine a few different e-reader displays up really close, and the results are definitely a fun read. The iPad doesn't do too well, actually -- I think the Kindle l...

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Borders Books announces e-reader with apps for iPhone, OS X and the iPad

Borders has announced a very low cost e-reader that will ship in June. The device, made by Canadian company Kobo, will sell for U.S. $149.99 and come preloaded with 100 classic books. At a much lower cost than the iPad, the Barnes and Noble Nook, and the Amazon Kindle, the book reader may get som...

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