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Tag: eBook reader

Convert an old iPad into a dedicated e-reader

When iOS 6 arrives later this year, iPad pioneers who are still using their first-generation devices will find that they can't upgrade to the new operating system. If you're not handing that iPad over to your kids (or parents), you might wonder what you can do with the device. Sure, you could s...

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First Look: Kobo for iPad

Here's yet another iPad app that caught my eye via a video preview. KoboBooks takes advantage of iPad-style design to offer a simple, elegant eBook reader. I love how all of the attention to detail (from bookmarks and page views, to brightness, font, and background settings) really exemplifies ...

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iPad's multifunction appeal and sub-$500 price point a formula for disruptive technology

T minus a little over a month and a half until retail liftoff of the Apple iPad and, similar to the launch of the iPhone 3 years ago, the device is not without its share of criticism -- be it the lack of support for multitasking or the missing front facing camera (or any camera, for that matter). H...

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All about EPUB, the ebook standard for Apple's iBookstore

Overlooked in much of the hype about the iPad announcement earlier in the week was a comment by Steve Jobs in the Keynote presentation where he mentioned that the iBooks app for iPad would take advantage of the popular EPUB format for electronic books. Since we're all going to get a lot more familia...

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Barnes & Noble jumps into the eBook pool

You knew it had to happen, and now it has. Book retailing giant Barnes & Noble, feeling no doubt a bit of pressure from the Amazon Kindle, has launched a free eBook reader for the iPhone and reports are that it is discussing a dedicated eBook reader as well. The B&N eReader [App Store] is fr...

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TUAW ebook reader smackdown: Kindle 2 vs. iPhone

Before the release of the original Amazon Kindle a little over a year ago, there were a number of electronic book readers that tried to create and capture the market for a replacement to traditional "dead tree" books. There have been readers for just about every handheld unit since the Newton, as ...

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Turn your Powerbook (or MacBook) into an eBook reader

John Udell has a PowerBook and lots of PDF's to read. Sounds like a natural fit to me, but John wasn't happy with having to read his PDF's on the PowerBook's widescreen. What's a geek to do? Why, use Preview to view your PDF's fullscreen and turn your PowerBook on its side. In a few seconds flat you...

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