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No Comment: iPhone ear cushion

I remember the first time I made a call on my iPhone all the way back in 2007; I was truly smitten with Apple's revolution. However, during the second call, I realized that the sharp edge really was uncomfortable to my delicate, mirror-encrusted earlobes. Fast-forward to 2010, and the problem has on...

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Test your hearing with Audiometry for the iPhone

I was just listening to the great Sound Opinions music podcast the other day, and they had a woman on who was campaigning against hearing damage. In fact, she actually called out iPod headphones (as I was listening to the show on my iPhone) as one of today's leading causes of hearing damage -- too m...

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Do iPods cause ear infections?

According to a recent health column in The Australian, iPod earbuds in and of themselves will not cause ear infections. Prolonged use, however, may irritate the ear canal making it more prone to infection. Ear buds can also pick up material from an outer ear infection and transfer it into the inner...

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