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As the Cassini Spacecraft takes a faraway Earth picture, you can follow along

Earth will get a very not-too-close closeup today from NASA's Cassini spacecraft, now on the far side of the planet Saturn. The photo session will take place between 2:27 PM and 2:42 PM PDT. The Earth will be seen from 900 million miles away. It won't be a detailed image, but it is the longest-ran...

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Daily iPad App: NASA's Earth As Art shows us our beautiful planet

NASA has a series of excellent educational iOS apps that appeal to adults and kids alike. Most have a strong scientific bent, but if you lean more towards art than science, NASA has an iPad app for you, too. Mixing a little bit of earth and planetary science with a keen eye for art, NASA has creat...

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TUAW Giveaway: Win a set of RHA MA450i in-ear headpones

We've teamed up with RHA, the Glasgow-based audio company who creates and manufactures fantastic, high-quality audio gear, to give away a wonderful set of MA450i noise-isolating in-ear headphones, worth US$49.95. Utilizing RHA's own aerophonics design, the MA450i are machined out of solid alumini...

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Google Earth comes to the iPad

Google has released version 3.0 of Google Earth for iOS which brings full iPad support. The iPad version sports an update UI that makes it easy to switch between layers and select from your My Maps that you have saved under your Google account. Version 3.0 also adds full-resolution imagery for the i...

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Betts mods your Mac

Everyone's favorite duck-icon sporting graphic designer is more than a pretty icon of a face, he helps make the rest of your programs look good too. Adam Betts regularly posts modifications or add-ons to various pieces of Mac software to his blog, and although each one is cool enough to warrant a po...

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Google Earth goes Universal

Google has not only released a beta (of course) version of Google Earth with loads of juicy new features and enhancements, but it has also gone Universal. I can't find any official information at the Google Earth site about the Universal update, but MacUpdate has a link with all the pertinent info....

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