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See how the Napa earthquake affected Jawbone users' sleep

If you're one of the many iPhone users with a Jawbone UP strapped to your wrist, you might be used to seeing pretty standard peaks and valleys on your sleep charts. Not so for many in Northern California who were awoken by the rumblings of one of the largest earthquakes to hit the area in several ...

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Apple contributes $1.6 million to Chinese earthquake relief

Apple and China have had a somewhat shaky relationship as of late -- with state-run news decrying the iPhone as a threat and rumors of government bans on Apple products (though there seems to be some conflicting reports on this point) -- but in the wake of China's 6.5 magnitude quake that hit the ...

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Apple updates Chinese homepage with earthquake donations and support offers

Apple has updated its Chinese homepage in recognition of the earthquake that struck parts of the country over the weekend. A translation by Engadget reads: Our deepest condolences to those who were taken away by the Sichuan Yaan earthquake, and respect to all the rescuers. May those who ha...

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Apple reportedly adds earthquake warning to Japanese iOS

Apple is supposedly adding an Earthquake widget to its Japanese version of iOS 5. The widget will connect to Japan's earthquake warning system and will alert iPhone owners of an impending natural disaster. The system will tie into iOS 5's new notification center and give Japanese residents a fe...

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Video App Demo: QuakeInfo

If you live in an area where earthquakes happen, or if you just want to track earthquakes around the world, check out QuakeInfo from Atomic Powered. It's a simple thing, really, but a handy way to track earthquakes globally. QuakeInfo uses information from the U.S. Geological Survey to display qu...

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Apple offering free repairs for iPod touches, iPhones, and Macs damaged in the Japan quake and tsunami

Apple is offering free service and repair to those Mac users who were affected by the Japan tsunami and earthquake in March. As stated in a Support & Information Services note [Japanese version/ Google-translated English version] on Apple's Japanese website, the company is offering free rep...

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iPad 2 supply line affected by Japan disaster

As Japan suffers under the weight of a major tsunami and a continuing crisis with the Fukushima nuclear power plants, it's becoming clear that the ripple effects from the combined tragedies are impacting Japan's consumer electronics industry, and of course the iPad 2. Asia Times is reporting tod...

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Apple's retail arm aids Japanese employees after earthquake

Earlier today, Kevin Rose published a set of emails he's received that really shine a light on how far Apple has gone to help out those in need during the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake. The account is that of an Apple Store manager somewhere in Tokyo who has been overseeing his store through ...

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Apple now accepts donations to Red Cross Japan relief fund via iTunes

Following the disaster caused by the magnitude 8.9 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Apple has posted a donation page on iTunes where you can use your iTunes account to make a secure donation to the American Red Cross and its Japanese relief fund. 100% of donations made through iTunes go to th...

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Monitor Japanese news with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

If you have loved ones, friends, or colleagues affected by the Japanese earthquake, you may want to install the free NHK WORLD TV Live application on your iOS device and take your news on-the-go. NHK WORLD TV offers English-language updates (you will hear other languages as well) around the clo...

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iPhonewzealand app proceeds donated to NZ Red Cross Earthquake Appeal

Many New Zealand-based Mac and iOS developers are rallying to help the city of Christchurch following its recent devastating earthquake. NZ-based tech blog iPhonewzealand is the latest to join in these efforts. The site's old iPhone app has been withdrawn from the App Store, and in its place ...

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Living in San Francisco is great; the weather is fantastic, the people are friendly, and I challenge you to find a city with a higher concentration of geeks. However, one does have to keep in mind that although this town may seem perfect, a deadly force lies dormant beneath my feet, waiting to unlea...

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