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Ecamm introduces Call Recorder for FaceTime

Ecamm Network has made a name for itself with some really great Mac products over the years, things like Printopia, an app that makes it possible to turn any Mac or PC attached printer into an AirPrint-compatible powerhouse. Now the company has just introduced Call Recorder for FaceTime (US$29.9...

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Friday Favorite: Yet another reason to love Printopia

I'm a huge fan of Ecamm's Printopia utility. For just 20 bucks, it enables you to print from iOS to any printer connected to your Mac. You don't need to buy a high-priced AirPlay-enabled system. I'm running Printopia with an old piece-of-junk Brother laser printer that is older than some of my kid...

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Ecamm releases Printopia Pro for corporate users

Ecamm already makes the popular Printopia app; it's a Mac-based solution for printing from iOS devices (and other connected Macs) for those that don't wish to use or purchase specific AirPrint-supported printers. Now the company has released Printopia Pro to tackle the bigger challenges of AirPrin...

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Getting your music outta a tight Jam

Jam (free) is one of those little apps that has found great traction over here at TUAW. From a pair of charming Australian developers, it helps you create silly, but engaging auto-tuned tracks in a variety of styles. It does have, as we discovered, one major flaw. It expects you to use and engag...

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AirPrint on steroids: first look at Printopia, bringing shared printer support for iPad

When Apple removed AirPrint shared printer support from Mac OS X 10.6.5, it created a functionality gap that developers moved quickly to fill. Yesterday, TUAW took a first look at FingerPrint, an AirPrint solution that enables iDevice printing to many Mac OS X shared printers. Today, we have an exc...

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Ecamm introduces iPad document management with PadSync

It's a sad fact. The current version of iTunes can barely handle the new document management features introduced by Apple. As part of the 3.2 release of the iPad and soon to extend to the iPhone, the Apps tab now allows you to manually add, replace, and delete documents from applications that suppor...

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Cocotron lets you develop in Cocoa for Windows, with a little extra work

It kind of sounds like a developer's dream: create an app in Cocoa that automatically works on Windows, too. But that's what Cocotron promises, and the folks at Ecamm say the dream is there, even if it requires a lot of elbow grease. They tried using Cocotron to port an app called FileMagnet, and ...

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Ecamm releases renamed PhoneView

Remember iPhone Drive? And MegaPhone? Well, Ecamm's pretty sure they're (finally) not going to get sued with their newly renamed "PhoneView." Along with the new name for the iPhone/iPod touch data access tool, PhoneView delivers an overall software refresh. You can now add and edit notes without re...

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iGlasses 2.1: improved stability and more application compatibility

It's always seemed to me that the image that comes from the built-in camera on my MacBook Pro should be more adjustable. We've previously mentioned iGlasses, a webcam utility (from the makers of the handy Call Recorder for Skype) which provides all of those missing controls. The utility recently upd...

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Ecamm updates iPhone Drive

Mac and iPhone/iPod developer Ecamm has just released a major upgrade to their iPhone Drive utility. iPhone Drive allows you to access the user data on your iPhone or iPod touch, both read and write. With it, you can copy files to and from the user partition. So if you need to bring some important ...

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Show floor video: ecamm networks with iLidz and more

The gentlemen at ecamm networks have a slew of products already in production: iGlasses, Call Recorder, and plenty more. Watch the video for demos of iLidz, iPhone Disk, and an unreleased video hack for the iPhone that's got to be seen to be believed. Video moved into the continuation for faster hom...

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Use your iPhone as a webcam

Mac developer Ecamm has posted a sneak peak of iPhoneCam, an application that uses your iPhone's camera as a wireless Mac webcam. You can stream video from your iPhone over its WiFi to any Mac video application, including iChat, Photo Booth, or Skype. I have participated in one iPhone chat and whil...

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TUAW Responds: Ecamm to the rescue!!

TUAW reader Tommy E. writes: A while back I installed Make it Mine and entered my custom carrier logo as "ROBOTS" -- when springboard restarted, nothing happened to my carrier logo. Now, I just restored and updated to 1.1.2 (not jailbroken) and suddenly and surprisingly my carrier logo now reads "RO...

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Hacks: Caption Crunch loads custom messages onto your iPhone

Remember I wrote about that bunch of undocumented SpringBoard prefs? Ecamm has grabbed the bull by the horns (or possibly by the implanted iPod dock) and produced "Caption Crunch", a simple utility that adds a custom message to your iPhone using the fake time preferences. Caption Crunch works by mo...

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iGlasses goes 2.0

If you want to customize your iSight output for chatting or video recording, there's a quick and cheap way to do it: iGlasses from ecamm network, only $9.95 for a whole kit bag of adjustments, colorizations, exposure controls and pan/zoom options. The 2.0 version was released earlier today (a free ...

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