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Eco-friendly iPhone case made from trash

For those of you who are eco-conscious and are looking for an iPhone case, you may want to check out the Re-case. The Re-case is made from rice agricultural waste that is added to post-consumer thermo-plastics resulting in a case that is literally made from trash. Besides its environmentally fr...

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For Earth Day, consider an eco-friendly laptop bag

Around the end of February, the good folks at Plaid Doctrine sent me one of their laptop bags to try for a week. These stylish, vintage-inspired bags are aimed at women who want a more elegant bag to carry in a professional setting. An extra bonus is that these bags are also eco-friendly: they'...

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GoodGuide gives you the low-down on Green Products

If you are environmentally conscious and only want to buy products that are safe and "Green," then look no further than your iPhone. That's because Good Guide [iTunes link] for iPhone allows you to search for these eco-friendly products. As a matter of fact, GoodGuide indexes over 65,000 products in...

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MacBook sleeves use no synthetic materials

Today is Blog Action Day, and thousands of blogs have committed to writing eco-friendly posts. We're doing our part, too. Check out these MacBook sleeves from Wrappers. They contain no synthetic materials at all (a rarity among laptop sleeves). The interior and exterior are made from cotton, and the...

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