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Apple hikes app, device prices in Russia thanks to ruble droop

Russian shoppers hoping to score an iPhone or iPad before the biggest gift-giving day of the year will now find higher prices than ever thanks to the ruble's continued path downward. This news comes shortly after Apple decided to put a halt on online sales in Russia thanks to the extremely volatil...

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How America benefits from Apple

Apple has gone from near death in the 1990s to the pinnacle of success two decades later. TIME tech journalist Ben Bajarin notes in a post today that the company is a highly important and necessary part of the American economy and says that "America needs Apple to keep doing what it's doing." ...

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Apple's job-creation data spawns debate

Last Friday, Apple released employment data that suggests the company is directly and indirectly responsible for 500,000 jobs in the US. Now that the study has been out for a few days, economists are debating its accuracy, says a New York Times report. Some believe Apple is boosting its numbers by...

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Apple touts job creation of 514,000 US positions

Talk about the apps economy. Apple has a webpage that details the Apple economy and the number of jobs the company has created in the US. The number hovers at an astounding 514,000 with 47,000 jobs at Apple itself and 257,000 jobs at other related companies in fields like component sales, technica...

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Why Apple's products are 'Designed in California' but 'Assembled in China'

Look at the back of your iPhone, or your iPad, or on the bottom of your Mac. You'll see the following words embossed somewhere: "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China." Many Americans, all the way up to the President himself, have wondered why Apple has outsourced virtually all of it...

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The iPod's effect on the global economy

Chrystia Freeland, editor of Thomson Reuters Digital, wrote a piece last week in which she cited a paper -- Innovation and Job Creation in a Global Economy: The Case of Apple's iPod -- by three scholars who studied how the iPod has impacted the world economy. Freeland's assertion in "Winners and ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Should I buy the 3G iPad?

Dear Auntie T, I was hoping you could help me decide something since I think many people will be trying to figure out the same thing. Namely, is the 3G on the iPad worth it for my purposes? I live in NYC, which has lots of available Wi-Fi. I have a laptop and I also have a Sprint mobile broadband ...

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Microsoft still beats Apple in cash and investments, for now

Back during the earnings call a few weeks ago, it was mentioned that Apple has a jaw-dropping almost $40 billion just sitting around in cash. In the chat, we started talking about other companies that might have that much money in the hopper -- Google came up, but I don't think we were able to gues...

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Mac shipments lowest they've been in 1.5 years

Apple reported amazing earnings in its conference call last week, but says not so fast -- while it's true that there was a lot of sun shining in Apple's report, there is one small shadow that they obviously didn't mention: their shipments of new Macs have started to drop off for the...

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Wired: New Mac mini to be announced at MWSF

Wired's Brian X. Chen writes that Apple will release a new version of the Mac mini at Macworld Expo early next month. Chen's unnamed source didn't disclose any details about the Mac mini, but Chen offered plenty of specification speculation. Based on "trends seen in Apple's latest products," Chen e...

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Sony lays off 16,000; will close factories

Sony announced today it plans to lay off 16,000 workers, close a handful of factories and reduce electronics investment by a third, as their comeback effort falls apart. Sony is both Apple's competitor in the mobile phone market and their partner for computer components, including batteries. "Five o...

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iLounge interviews, um, everyone about new iPods

Ok, maybe not 'everyone,' but they certainly made the rounds to a healthy portion of companies who have just about anything to do with the iPod. iLounge asked for general reactions of the new products from the likes of Griffin, Altec Lansing, Pacific Rim, Targus, TechRestore and even the Chief iPodi...

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Daring Fireball on "The iPod Juggernaut"

John Gruber has published a glaringly well-written piece that dissects the iPod's unstoppable success, why things are going so well and why analysts should simply remove the term "iPod-killer" from their vocabulary. While it might be a bit lengthier than your typical "iPods are great,...

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