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E Ink feeling the pinch from more capable tablets

In late 2007 when Amazon's very first Kindle hit the market, it was the beginning of big things for Taiwan's E Ink Holdings Inc. The company is the one behind the black-and-white display found in Amazon's e-reader and many like it. At the time, the iPad was still over two years from being introduc...

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Kindle Fire vs iPad: How to decide

If there's any real comparison to be made between Apples and orange, it's the iPad and Kindle Fire use cases. After having spent a couple of weeks with Kindle, there's much to be said for the device. I'm quite fond of mine, frankly. But to paraphrase the late Sen. Bentsen, I know iPad, I served...

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Apple rumored to be considering LCD/E Ink hybrid

Apple recently filed a patent application titled "Systems and Methods for Switching Between an Electronic Paper Display and a Video Display," which describes a hybrid display technology capable of dynamically switching from a standard color LCD to black and white E Ink. The display would be contr...

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Where's the iMag store?

You know, at first I wasn't so impressed with the iPad, but the more I thought about the ways in which you can use it, the more excited I got. As a piece of leisure technology - something you just have laying around your living room like a newspaper - it's a lot more user friendly than a laptop o...

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Next iPod an eBook reader?

Engadget is reporting that reliable sources claim that the next iPod will have plenty of screen real estate and have an eBook reading mode. It seems that a major publishing shop just sent Apple all of their archived manuscripts, so unless Steve has been jonesing for some reading material books might...

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