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Kindle Fire transforms into a Mac Plus and Newton MessagePad

Last year when the Amazon Kindle Fire first hit the market, I bought one for US$199 to do research for a book. Since the book was published, I haven't touched the Fire at all -- until now. Based on a story I posted the other day about running an old version of the Mac OS on a Nook Simple Touch,...

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Einstein Newton emulator running on iPhone

This makes my green heart happy. Above is a video of the Einstein Newton emulator running on an iPhone 4. Newton OS lives! ... Well, sort of. You'll notice that it's kind of slow for now, though the project's developers say speed will improve. Still, it's a full Newton, with hand writing reco...

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Einstein night at Apple Store Ginza

Newton users, take note. Next Wednesday, May 31st will be "Einstein night" at Apple Store Ginza from 7 to 8pm. What's "Einstein?" It's the Newton OS emulator Developed for Linux-based PDAs, developed by Paul Guyot. Paul will be on hand in Ginza to demonstrate Einstein, answer your questions and dis...

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Newton OS on a Nokia 770

Following Paul Guyot's release of Einstein, the Newton emulator for Linux-based PDAs, the race has been on to get it running on different devices. At last week's Worldwide Newton Conference, Paul gave a demo using a Sharp Zaurus, and today, Andy Diller has got it working on his Nokia 770. Very cool!...

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The Newton OS on non-Apple hardware

The big news out of the Worldwide Newton Conference this weekend is that Paul Guyot has successfully gotten the Newton OS up and running on a Sharp Zaurus. This emulation project is called "Einstein," and a beta is available for download today. If you have a Linux-based PDA with X11 suppor...

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