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Smash Vote for iOS makes it out just in time

Back at 360iDev in Denver earlier this year, I met a guy named Tate Jennings, an indie developer behind a company called Mighty Bits. Jennings was working on a game called Smash Vote, which he described to me as a political fighting game. It was literally a game featuring versions of famous pol...

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Zite adds an Election 2012 category for political junkies

Count me among the political junkies. I'm getting election news from all over, and now my favorite news aggregator Zite has added a new feature I'm already liking. You might like it as well. Zite is a free iOS news app that keeps track of your interests and produces a unique magazine filled wit...

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Both US presidential candidates pushing iPhone apps

It's an election year, iOS devices are almost everywhere, and that's why both US Presidential candidates this year are already pushing iPhone apps. Governor Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, has released an app called Mitt's VP -- he plans to announce his choice for Vice Presiden...

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Australia election campaign promises iPads in every hospital

In what I can comfortably say is a previously unimagined application, the iPad is now being used as an election promise to entice voters in Australia. ZDNet notes that the promise was made last week by Victorian Premier John Brumby as part of a proposed new state health policy, which would see iPads...

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Track election night on your iPad with the ABC News app

Growing up, election night in my house was always how I imagined the Super Bowl to be for most people. We huddled around the TV and excitedly watched the incoming results with hope and trepidation. But of course election night just isn't a silly game, and the final "score" literally affects hundr...

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Check out Snak for free today only

A new President, free software, and a look at an IRC client you probably haven't used yet -- what more could you ask for? Snak is giving out their IRC client today (and there's only a little bit of time left in the day, sorry about that) for free to celebrate the choice of Barack Obama as Presiden...

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Prepare for Election Day with your iPhone

Here at the TUAW home office, we're quite distracted by the pending election of the USA's 44th President. However, since this is an Apple blog, we can't go all political -- but we can combine our interests. Here are four ways you can prepare for the big day with your iPhone. 1. Quiz yourself about t...

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Apple opposes Calif. Prop 8, donates $100k to 'No' campaign

Apple issued a short statement on its Hot News page today saying it is publicly opposing California Proposition 8, and donating $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign. Proposition 8 seeks to amend California's constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. A "no" vote on the measure mea...

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Official iPhone app for Obama '08 now in App Store

We're officially a nonpartisan bunch here at TUAW (actually, quite partisan, but only for the Mac) but the announcement of an official iPhone application from the Obama campaign is still worthy of mention. Several high-profile iPhone devs & designers were involved in the project, including forme...

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