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Which airlines have OK'd electronics on flights?

Holidays are stressful enough before factoring in the hassles of traveling. Thankfully for some air travelers, the minor inconvenience of not being able to use electronic devices during take off and landing is being removed, one airline at a time. Yesterday, in response to a recent FAA announce...

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F.A.A. might review policy on iPads and other gadgets during takeoff, landing

Whenever I travel by air, I always make sure that I have a clean, untouched crossword puzzle in the in-flight magazine before takeoff. Why? Because of the idiotic regulation from the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) that says that I can't use portable electronic devices during takeoff and...

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Increase in iPad recycling prompts Gazelle to enter reseller market

After the iPad 2 announcement, Gazelle saw a marked increase in the number of first generation iPads being recycled by consumers. The electronics recycler has received so many iPad 1 tablets in good to excellent condition that it has decided to begin selling them back to consumers in the upcoming...

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iPad now available on Best Buy's online store

US electronics retailer Best Buy has offered Apple's iPad in some of its retail stores for some time, but the device hasn't been available in Best Buy's online store. As of this past weekend, that's changed: the iPad is now available online at Best Buy. Both the Wi-Fi and 3G versions of the iPad are...

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NPD: Apple ranked #5 US electronics retailer in 2009

Market research firm NPD Group has published its annual report profiling the consumer retail sector for 2009, and guess who made the list of top five electronics retailers? Hint: If you guessed the Microsoft Store, you would be wrong, and everyone would be pointing and laughing at you right now. No,...

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A Dozen Daily Deals, Day 3

Well, Black Friday is here! If you're looking to save some money, here are another dozen deals from DealNews.com to consider once you wake up from your tryptophan-induced coma: Walmart: [Black Friday] Walmart Black Friday Sale now live Other World Computing: [Store Events] OWC Black Friday Sa...

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A Dozen Daily Deals, Day 2

As Victor mentioned yesterday, for the next few days we'll be featuring daily deals from our friends at DealNews.com. Lots of good stuff today, so why not get started browsing for Christmas gifts on stuffing day? Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Walmart: [Black Friday] Walmart Thanksgiving Day Sale...

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Apple as "the world's most feminine brand"?

Fortune's Bridget Brennan has a bold statement: "Why doesn't Apple make remote controls? You ask: Why Apple? Because if any company could improve one of the world's most user-unfriendly electronic devices, it would be Apple. And then there's this: Apple just may be the world's most discreetly femi...

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Survey: Apple riding high on news of economic woes

A survey by ChangeWave says Apple is looking ahead to record sales for Macs, which smiles in the face of further declines in U.S. consumer spending. The survey polled 4,416 people between August 4 and August 12. If the poll is any indication, Apple will do well in the next three months, with 34 perc...

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