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iPhone 4 a hot commodity in India thanks to new trade-in plan

One of the most untouched markets in the world for smartphones is India, and Apple has quickly leaped to second place in the market by using a very smart pricing workaround. As noted on Electronista, Apple is now using a trade-in promotion with resellers that has tripled sales in less than a we...

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Apple lists iPhone 4S as "in stock" in most online stores

Those TUAW readers who haven't yet caught Siri fever and purchased an iPhone 4S won't have to wait if they finally decide to buy one. Electronista reports that the device is finally listed as "in stock" at the Apple Store for most countries. As recent as two weeks ago, availability times were stil...

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Intel CEO: 'Simplistic' Apple TV is for 'mom'

With the recent announcement of Apple's new, improved Apple TV, there's been a lot of talk as to whether it will meet consumers' demands and expectations, not to mention how it will fare following the arrival of Google's competing TV device. According to Electronista, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said...

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iMac benchmarks and review say it's a beast

People have had their chances to put their grubby hands on those "incredible" iMacs that got released a few weeks ago, and the results are in. And they're great, apparently. First up, MacRumors has a collection of a few sets of benchmarks on the new machines, and the Core i7 processor (a $200 upgra...

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Apple adds staff, boosts R&D spending in FY2008

The Associated Press' Jessica Mintz notes that Apple increased its payroll by 48 percent this fiscal year, with most of the new employees starting at Apple retail stores. The data came from Apple's 10-K filing, an annual financial document required by law for public companies (Apple has not produce...

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Rogers sells 255k iPhones, adds 191k subscribers

Rogers Wireless sold 255,000 iPhones since their introduction in July, and added 191,000 new customers, according to Electronista. Desjardins Securities analyst Joseph MacKay estimates that Rogers will have to absorb subsidies for all those new customers -- two out of five who bought the iPhone -- a...

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PA Semi team creating new ARM-based iPhone CPU

Apple Senior Manager Wei-han Lien let slip that teams acquired with the purchase of PA Semi are working on an ARM-based processor for the iPhone, and possibly other devices, according to The New York Times. While not a huge surprise, as Steve himself said that's what the former PA Semi staff was wor...

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