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Touch Press The Elements for Mac -- Entertaining for Everyone

When The Elements for iPad by Touch Press came out in 2010, I was absolutely captivated by the clarity, precision and beauty of the graphics and information. It took a potentially boring topic for most of us -- the periodic table -- and brought it to life in a wonderful presentation that is suitab...

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Ultima Forever looks impressive, but may have some freemium problems

Ultima Forever is one of the weirdest brand experiments I've seen pop up on iOS so far. Ultima is, of course, one of the oldest and best-loved RPG series in video games, with over a dozen different variations and versions. And EA has decided to bring the Ultima series to iOS with Ultima Forever...

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No Comment: Elements restaurant installs iPads for customers to play with during meals

I'm guessing most folks my age or older grew up in a house with a "no toys at the table policy"... And I'll just leave it at that. Our own Michael Grothaus snapped this pic at Elements in London. Feel free to leave your own thoughts on whether or not this is a good idea. Think back to the l...

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Daily iPhone App: 10000000 is a great, complex game with a strange name

Some games pare down a core idea to something really simple and elegant, cutting everything else away until one main bit of gameplay shines through. Canabalt is probably the perfect example of that recently -- it's just one core mechanic, done very, very well. But other games go the other direc...

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Watch this iPhone get dunked in a goldfish bowl

It's the weekend, and what better time to watch somebody try to destroy an iPhone than that? After the break below, you can watch video of a presentation at this week's Launch Conference in San Francisco, in which LifeProof, a company that makes iPhone cases built to withstand the elements, dun...

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Notational Velocity ALT adds Markdown support and widescreen view

The runaway success of the iPad has provoked significant demand amongst people who want to seamlessly edit cloud-synced files across their iOS devices and their computers. We've seen a lot of apps vying to be the iOS part of that solution (such as SimpleNote, Elements, WriteRoom, Edito and a whole ...

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