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Macenstein tracks down switcher Ellen Feiss

Remember Ellen Feiss? She because famous in 2002 at the tender age of 14 for her Apple Switcher commercial, in which she talked about how her dad's computer had devoured her homework. Bummer, that. A controversy arose about whether or not Feiss was a stoner, and whether she was under the influence ...

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AppleGazette lists top 10 Apple commercials

There's nothing that warms the cockles of a blogger's heart than a good list of things. This time around AppleGazette has compiled a list of the 10 ten Apple commercials of all time. The usual suspects are there, HAL, Ellen Feiss, and Think Different. Oddly enough 1984, possibly the most famous comm...

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Ellen Feiss to star in movie

Remember Ellen Feiss? I know, of course you do. If you've been missing the sweatshirt-clad switcher, here's some good news for you. She'll be starring in a short film called "Bed and Breakfast." It's a French film, but the corresponding website contains both French and English. It seems like only ye...

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