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FullContact keeps contact information in sync

I let Apple's iCloud manage my contact information, but I understand that not everyone does. If you live on the Google side of contact management, check out FullContact. It's a service that keeps all relevant information in sync between devices, while pulling info in from external sources like L...

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Group Text+ and Email+: New from developer Contrast

Developer Contrast today delivered two new iOS apps to the App Store, Group Text+ (US$1.99 during launch) and Email+ ($2.99). The idea behind these new apps? In the case of Group Text+, making it fast and easy to send SMS or iMessage texts to a group of recipients. For Email+, it's all about sending...

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Google's new app Inbox brings Google Now styled filters to your email

Google has debuted a new email filtering app called Inbox which compiles pieces of information from your Gmail account and groups them together for faster access. It allows you to quickly find travel plans, photos, documents, or event information with a quick swipe of your finger. It doesn't j...

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Mailbox for Mac now available as a public beta to OS X owners

Dropbox-owned email service Mailbox today opened its Mac beta program to the public, allowing anyone with a Mac to test-run the desktop email client. Mailbox has been around for several years on iOS, but the company launched on OS X earlier this year. The Mac version has been in a closed beta fo...

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Vanishh Pro fails to keep promise of self-destructing email

Vanishh Pro is an email security tool that automatically deletes the email on the receiver's end after a predetermined amount of time passes from first opening it. This ensures that the email doesn't fall into the wrong hands or receivers don't save or pass along potentially sensitive information...

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The TUAW Daily Update Podcast for July 16, 2014

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get some the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at the top of ...

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Exclusive: Apple email service glitch means you aren't getting certain emails

A TUAW reader reports (with evidence) that if you use, or services for your email, you could conceivably never see certain emails in your inbox. If you are getting mail from a "mail merge" service, like Constant Contact, Direct Mail, MaxBulk Mailer, MailChimp or Sailth...

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Tipbit relaunches with smart search and Evernote integration to help make your digital life simpler

Juggling multiple email accounts can be hassle, but Tipbit aims to make it a manageable one. Founded by Gordon Mangione, the former Microsoft exec who oversaw the development of Exchange, Tipbit combines your various email accounts into one manageable feed on your iOS device. However that's just t...

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Warning: Yet another wave of phishing emails targets Apple users

Email scam artists seemingly love Apple users, and following on the tail end of a widespread Apple ID phishing attempt earlier this year, a new round of sketchy emails has descended upon a large number of email addresses. Unlike the previous scam -- which claimed that a user's Apple ID had been di...

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Protect your child's email experience with Tocomail for iOS

There's always a degree of tension present when it comes to technology and children; what's appropriate and safe for a savvy 10-year-old may be nothing but trouble for a less-responsible teenager, and only an involved and vigilant parent or caregiver can make decisions about what works for a particu...

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Mail Pilot makes 'inbox zero' a reality

Even though the initial snafus regarding Apple Mail in OS X Mavericks have been smoothed out, the issues propelled me to start searching for a better mail client for my Mac. After utilizing everything from Gmail's web interface to Postbox, I wanted to see what mail clients were pushing the envelop...

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Inbox Cube is a promising new mail client for iOS

Apple provides a pretty efficient mail app for iOS, but third parties are always trying to be better and some users are always looking for more. Inbox Cube is a free iPhone app (it's not universal, but will work on the iPad) that makes some improvements on the basic Apple Mail app. Inbox Cube suppo...

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Sign up now for Mail Pilot for Mac's free public beta

Mindsense's Mail Pilot for Mac has moved to the next stage of its Mac client beta by announcing a free public review of the app. Mindsense joins other software developers in trying to overhaul the Mac email experience by focusing on inbox management in productivity. The company already has an iOS...

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Apple issues Mail update for OS X Mavericks to address Gmail compatibility issues

If you're one of the many users dismayed by the fact that the in OS X Mavericks doesn't play nicely with Gmail, your troubles will hopefully be a thing of the past. After a number of reports indicating that Apple has been working on a fix, Apple today issued a Mail update for OS X Maveri...

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Hop for iPhone makes email feel like messaging

If you feel like standing in a virtual line for a chance to try "email reimagined," then hop on over to the App Store today and grab a free copy of Hop for iPhone. The app, previously known as Ping, is the latest in what seems to be an endless series of apps that are trying to figure out how to make...

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