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uShuttl app aims to replace business cards at high cost

uShuttl is a service that wants to replace the business card by enabling business users to send files to customers via a professionally formatted email. It's complete with a company logo, contact information and landing page to download the files. uShuttl also automatically saves the customer ema...

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The Puzzlejuice emails document the nitty gritty of iOS development

Puzzlejuice is a really great puzzle game (really, a big mishmash of different puzzle games) that's available on the App Store right now. It was put together by developers Greg Wohlwend and Asher Vollmer, and Wohlwend has just published a post on his personal blog that's pretty spectacular: He cal...

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Tim Cook reportedly responding to customer emails

We'll miss a lot of things about Steve Jobs being at Apple in the CEO position, but one loss will be his tendency to answer all kinds of customer emails in person, no matter what the topic (or time of day). There's hope, though: MacRumors has our first reported "TimMail," in which new CEO Tim C...

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Feds charge two in June 2010 iPad 3G hacking

Two men have been charged with stealing the email addresses and personal data of over 120,000 iPad users last year. A 26-year-old from San Francisco and a 25-year-old from Fayetteville, Arkansas were charged with hacking into AT&T's servers and stealing the data, scraped from AT&T's website....

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Don't blame Apple for AT&T's security ineptitude

As we reported last night, a technology tabloid has published a sensationalist article blaming Apple for AT&T's security problems. Email addresses and the "ICC-ID" of 3G iPad users were compromised due to a flaw in AT&T's servers. Some prominent people in business and government had their e...

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Jobs on a roll, drops three more emails; expect universal iPhone mailbox

Okay, who hasn't gotten an email from Steve Jobs this week? Yesterday we reported on an email Steve sent to a user regarding Google's Picasa. Also, a MacRumors reader emailed Jobs yesterday about his concern that Apple is putting all its efforts behind the iPad and losing vision in the MacBook and M...

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MsgFiler brings keyboard shortcuts to Mail organization

Organizing emails in can be a pain, and sometimes using rules can only go so far. If you need a helping hand to manage all that correspondence, MsgFiler brings some on-the-fly automation to filing messages you've selected. Simply pressing cmd-9 will open a panel that allows you to type the...

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Apple sending battery recall emails to registered users

If there was ever a good reason to register a product like a notebook, being warned that it might catch fire, and getting the chance to avoid said fire, is as good as any in our book. We're receiving reports that Apple has begun sending emails to registered owners of iBooks and PowerBooks, announcin...

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MailTags 1.2.1 available, 1.3 to feature IMAP syncing

Dave Caolo posted about MailTags last August, but in case you're unfamiliar: MailTags is a fantastic plugin for that allows you to both tag your messages and create iCal todos right from within Mail. MailTags' abilities go far beyond simply adding a few keywords though; you can also set pro...

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Entourage will receive Spotlight and iSync support by March

Good news for you Entourage users: included in Microsoft's 5-year Office promise announcement was that, with the March update to Office, you will soon be able to search your Entourage emails through the beauty of Spotlight. Keeping the surprises rolling, for all you PDA sync-happy folk out there, Mi...

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