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Flickr find: Siblings

Don't family reunions bring a tear to your eye? Flickr user Matthew Pearce reunites a MacBook Air with its elder in the form of an eMate 300. He also takes a quick jab when he asks, "How can the MacBook Air be an 'ultraportable' when it doesn't even have a handle?" Good question. You can contrib...

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Apple's ugliest products

Apple's new iMac is perhaps the sexiest desktop computer the company has ever made (the new iPad mini isn't too shabby either). But Apple hasn't always put out sleek and sexy products. CNNMoney has compiled a list of the six ugliest Apple products of all time. Products that made the list incl...

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Wireless eMate

Newton users, they are a crafty bunch. Nevermind the fact that Apple killed the Newton years ago, that doesn't stop the enthusiasts from tricking out their PDA of choice. The latest Newton 'hack' comes in the form of adding a WiFi card to an eMate. What will Newton users do next? [via MAKE: blog]...

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Rig of the Day: Mac, iPod, Newton

Here's a great shot of three siblings. JoeBob posts a photo of his SE, original iPod and Newton eMate, which seems to be running Newtonworks (?). Unfortunately, the SE is displaying the dreaded blinking question mark. Time to give that thing a little TLC, Joey. "Old Iron" posted by JoeyBo...

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Rig of the Day: Great vintage collection

Check this out. Flickr user Henri has got a great set of vintage Apple products in his snapshot. Note the (blueberry?) iMac, the Powerbook, Newton Message Pad, the Apple PowerCD with remote (wow), eMate, Color Classic and a Twentieth Anniversary Mac. I must confess, I had never seen an Apple PowerC...

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Wall clock from Newton eMate spare parts

What do you do when you have a ton of spare parts from Newton eMates lying around? Make a gutted eMate wall clock of course! Andrew Peleikis of Canada had collected many eMates from eBay for repair purposes. The extra parts--a logic board, a screen, and a battery--were enough to make a working, albe...

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Newton Museum going-out-of-business sale

If this large vintage collection of Macs made its way into Dave's basement, I'm sure all the Newton-related items being offered up in this eBay auction will also end up there. The complete collection of The Newton Museum's stock is up for grabs and it's nothing if not a thorough collection. I mean...

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