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Apple Watch revolutionizes emojis with live edited expressions

Apple Watch is already a groundbreaking device, but for those of you who text, there is obviously one feature that's even more important than biometrics or interactivity. We're speaking, of course, of the real-time emoji editor. With Apple Watch you'll be able to edit your emoji's expressions in ...

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imojiapp spices up your messages with custom stickers created from your photos

emoji are a wonderful way to communicate without saying a word. If you want to get creative with your stickers and move beyond the default set that ships with iOS, then you should check out imojiapp. imojiapp lets you take any image on your iPhone and turn it into a textable sticker. Imojioapp is...

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Apple emoji take on life-like roles in "Emoji Among Us" mockumentary

Apple emoji are among the best in its class, created with an attention to detail that is unrivaled on other platforms. It's not surprising that stock footage company Dissolve chose to use Apple Color emoji in its recent "Emoji Among Us" mockumentary about the explosion of these special characters ...

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Don't think you want Seinfeld emojis? You better think again, Mojambo!

Strap on your urban sombrero and say "Hellooooooooooo" to your new favorite app. Everyone's favorite show about nothing is still very much something in the cultural zeitgeist, and now Jerry and his band of neurotic misfits might be headed to an emoji keyboard near you. A small team including Jason...

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New iOS emoji might include a Middle Finger and a "Man In Business Suit Levitating"

The Unicode Standard that governs the types of emoji that appear on mobile messaging platforms was recently updated with a plethora of new options. As initially relayed by The Verge, it's now up to Apple to pick which of the new 250 emoji icons it'd like to toss into the iOS emoji alphabet. Some ...

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Apple emojis are best in class, and some were designed in less than 30 minutes

Once Apple added Emoji keyboard support back in iOS 5, messaging for iPhone users was forever changed. Forget old-fashioned emoticons, Apple's emoji characters let iOS users send all sorts of quirky, helpful, and flat out weird icons with just a few taps. But what may not be readily apparent to i...

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You may be accidentally sending friends a hairy heart emoji

This morning Matt Boch, the creative director for Fantasia Games, uncovered of possibly terrifying reality for iOS emoji addicts; you may accidentally be sending your friends an emoji of a hairy heart. It turns out when iOS users send a yellow emoji heart to the phone of a friend (or enemy I suppo...

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Apple planning to make Emoji characters more diverse and other news from March 25, 2014

If you take a look at iOS's built-in Emjoi set, you may have noticed that most of the people depicted are Caucasian. Curious as to why this was the case, MTV's Act blog sent an email to Tim Cook asking if Apple had any plans to diversify its Emoji icon lineup. A few days later, Apple VP of worldw...

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iOS 7 video tip: Adding the emoji keyboard and other keyboard tricks

Today we're going to pass along another short tip for those who may not have yet figured out how your friends send those emoji -- smiley faces, little animals, cars and trucks, etc... -- in Messages, emails or tweets. In addition, you'll see how to change settings to make working with your iOS vir...

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TextExpander gets all emoji-nal and preps for Mavericks

OS X Mavericks hits computers this fall and app developers are already preparing for it with broad smiles. Emoji smiles. TextExpander has launched version 4.1.1, bringing emojis and other new features to the popular typing shortcut application. Of course for people planning on updating to Maverick...

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Apple reportedly to remove emoji apps from App Store

Now that iOS has provided default support for emoji icons for over a year, the company finally appears to be taking action to remove the seemingly endless number of third-party emoji apps on the App Store. TechCrunch obtained an email sent by Apple to one particular app store developer, letti...

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Emoji for iChat adds... emoji to iChat

With the release of iPhone OS 3.0, I was wondering if emoji icons still worked (they do), and then it finally dawned on me: why not iChat? A quick search turned up exactly what I was looking for: Emoji for iChat. This free downloadable icon pack basically adds the iPhone Emoji icons to iChat, acces...

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Emoji on its way out of the App Store

For the past month or so, developers have been taking advantage of an opening in the iPhone SDK to enable Emoji emoticons on non-Japanese iPhones, without having to resort to jailbreaking. While I was a little taken aback by the fascination and little mini-market that sprouted up around Emoji activa...

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Emoji on your iPhone :-)

Emoji, Japanese for "picture" + "letter," is a set of picture characters used in Japan much in the same way as emoticons here in the US. The Emoji pictographs, however, offer a wider variety of images than emoticons which are typically limited to just expressing an emotion or facial expression such ...

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iPhoneHellas: 2.2 coming November 21

According to, version 2.2 of the iPhone firmware will be made available on November 21. The site says that the tipster is "reliable" but offered few details. Gizmodo calls the site "consistently reliable." The tipster did say, however, that the update will not contain Greek keyboard ...

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