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Glassdoor: Apple employees love Tim Cook

Glassdoor is a site that allows employees of various corporations to rate how they think their management is doing (while remaining anonymous), and the company has shared some info with TUAW that it says comes out of Apple's campus in Cupertino. The site works kind of like Yelp for employees,...

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RIP Mike Culbert, iOS and Newton pioneer

We've received direct word and noted on Twitter that that Mike Culbert, a longtime Apple hardware engineer, has passed away after battling cancer. According to his friends, he was a "brilliant engineer, a wonderful human being." He will be missed. Culbert began working at Apple over 25 years ...

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Early Apple employee Daniel Kottke on the Apple I, more

Apple employee #12, Daniel Kottke, talked to Avi Solomon of Boing Boing about his time working at Apple. The interview has captivating stories about Kottke's life in the early 1970s tech scene. Besides a long discussion of the influence of psychedelics on technology, Kottke also talks about Woz...

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Apple's employee hardware discount program officially begins

Apple employees can now take part in a new Employee Purchase Plan which started on Wednesday, says a report by MacNN. The discount offers employees $500 off select Mac computers and $250 off iPads. It does not include the low-price Mac mini or the Retina MacBook Pro. The discount also is sepa...

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Apple corporate matching program raises $2.6M for charities

As first reported by AppleInsider, Apple has announced to its employees that their combined efforts have led to US$2.6 million being donated to charitable companies since the company's "Apple Matching Gifts Program" began. That's not a bad haul considering the program is only seven weeks old. Th...

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360iDev Denver: Matt Drance on the past and future of iOS development

This week's 360iDev conference in Denver, CO kicked off today with a keynote from former Apple employee Matt Drance, who offered a summary of what's changed (and what hasn't) since the last time he spoke to this conference two years ago. He also discussed the attitudes developers need to take t...

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Senior iCloud product manager John Herbold leaves Apple

John Herbold, a senior product manager for Apple's iCloud service, has updated his LinkedIn profile to show that he's no longer with the company in Cupertino. Herbold's LinkedIn now shows that he works for a company called HealthTeacher, and his work at Apple is in the past. He also says that wor...

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Former Apple Store employee sues for discrimination, claims bizarre ordeal

The Apple Store in the SoHo section of New York City has reportedly been sued for discrimination by a former employee, who claims that she was unlawfully fired after taking a medical leave. Nicole Sullivan started working for Apple in 2008, and then took a leave in 2009 because of a nervous disorde...

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What is it like to work at Apple?

Ever wondered what it's like to work at Apple? AOL Jobs spoke to Joe Moreno, a software engineer who worked at Apple from 1998 to 2007. Joe touched numerous products and projects, notably WebObjects and the Apple Online Store (No, he wasn't the guy who puts the yellow sticky note up when new product...

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Apple looking to hire iBookstore marketing manager

Apple has posted a new job listing looking for a marketing manager specifically for the iBookstore. The listing seeks an experienced business marketer "to drive awareness and sales of iBooks through co-marketing programs with publishers and authors, strategic partnerships, and via online and direct...

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Apple's Shanghai shirt: "Made for China"

We've heard great things already about the brand new Apple Store in Shanghai, but this one's interesting: on the back of employees' t-shirts there (which are red, apparently, rather than the usual black found in North America), Apple has printed "Designed in California, Made for China" in Chinese...

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More concerns over suicides at Foxconn

There was more bad news out of China this week -- manufacturer Foxconn (who makes quite a few parts for Apple devices) has been dealing with a rash of employee suicides, as low pay and long hours on the workers seems to be taking their toll. Yesterday, another worker reportedly tried to take his own...

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World's most costly beer: The one that led an Apple engineer to misplace his phone

More on the ongoing saga of the wayward next-gen iPhone. Gizmodo just posted their version of the story behind the story: They say that an Apple employee who works on the iPhone's baseband technology left the mysterious phone at the Gourmet Haus Staudt, a Redwood City bar and restaurant that's not f...

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iPad launch: Boston's Boylston Street store

The crystal-clear facade of Boston's Boylston Street Apple Store* beckoned and a slew of customers heeded the call this morning to greet the iPad. By the time I arrived at 8am, a line had formed down the street and around the corner -- a few hundred people at least. A second line for pre-order c...

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Ungenius - the other side of the Genius Bar

Beyond a doubt, Apple's retail stores have been and still are making headlines of all kinds - from business magazines hailing the stores' sleek design, to consumer reviews giving the stores high marks for their unique and (ideally) helpful Genius Bar feature. However, as some of you may know - not e...

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