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[Updated] iOS 8.1 kills exploit that allowed installation of game emulators

[Update]: Riley Testut has published a new post on his personal blog adding some additional detail to this saga. It's definitely worth a read. Everyone loves retro game emulators on iOS -- well, almost everyone -- but the ability to easily install them looks like it's about to meet an end thank...

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The 25 best Game Boy games to play on your iPhone

Nintendo's Game Boy turns 25 today, making it legally old enough to start worrying about retirement. In honor of its epic achievement as a pioneer of mobile gaming, here are the 25 best Game Boy games that you can play on iOS. Don't have your phone set up for emulation? No worries -- check out our...

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How to turn your iPhone or iPad into a retro game console without jailbreaking

The iPhone and iPad are already super-capable gaming devices, with thousands of quality titles spanning all genres and tastes, but sometimes it's nice to take a trip back to yesteryear... and sometimes you want to see those games on the big, beautiful HDTV screen in your living room. Here's how to...

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An SNES emulator disguised as a file manager hits the App Store

A simple file-sharing app called Remote File Manager holds a dark secret: It can boot up and play Super Nintendo games via built-in emulation software, TouchArcade reports. The *.smc files that hold SNES games aren't actually on the list of supported file types that the app claims to be able to ma...

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TUAW TV Live: Attack of the emulators on Retro Mac day

It's time to sit back with a glass or mug of your favorite beverage and enjoy an hour of time travel, back to the days of the early 1990s when dinosaurs roamed the Earth in the guise of Macs running System 7. Regretfully, I have to let you know that I will not be sitting behind the console of a...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: Retro Apple day

If you took a look at my post Monday about turning a Kindle Fire into a System 7 Mac and a Newton MessagePad, you know that I've been playing with emulators for about the last week. It's been fun, and today I'll take you on a journey to the early 1990s of Mac computing. While last weekend was w...

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Arcade emulator iMAME punted out of App Store

Fans of vintage arcade games know that the popular and free emulation tool MAME (stands for "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator") can be used to recreate the experience of classic coin-op and console videogames on PCs, Macs and jailbroken iOS devices. The catch, of course, is that in order to r...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me run Windows on Mac

Dear Aunt TUAW, I am new to the Mac community, and there are some programs that are unsupported on the Mac and I know there are a few options to run Windows on a Mac. When I search online for the best options and answers to my questions (what is the best option, do I need a Windows license/disc...

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Macworld Expo 2011: CrossOver goes to version 10 with Impersonator

If you want to run Windows apps on your Mac, there are now a few ways to go about it. First there's Boot Camp, the official solution that will let you boot into an installed Windows partition. Then there are virtualization solutions like Parallels or VMWare, which "pretend" to be a separate hard ...

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Mac OS X 10.6.6 introduces subtle changes to Boot Camp

MacNN cites two tips they received noting changes made to Boot Camp in Mac OS X 10.6.6. The first suggests that Apple has dropped support for Windows XP. When setting up a Windows partition, Boot Camp requests an "...authentic installation disc of Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate." X...

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Rhapsody on an iPad

No, not the music service. I'm talking about OS X's grandfather. And here it is booting on an iPad. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith saw the video of Windows 95 running on an iPad in emulation and was inspired to try the same thing with Rhapsody -- the development OS was developed by Apple in the...

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Found footage: Windows 95 running on an iPad

Do you remember staring at your computer back in 1995 and wishing you could run your new copy of Windows 95 on a futuristic slate-like device with multitouch capabilities? No? Me neither. That didn't stop the devs at KamaGames from figuring out how to run the OS on an iPad (they did it using...

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CrossOver Games releases version 8.1.0

The folks behind CrossOver Games sent us a note that version 8.1.0 of their software has come out, and it's got some nice upgrades for Mac and Linux folks who prefer to run their games in Windows almost-emulators (it's based on Wine, and as we all know, Wine Is Not an Emulator) rather than Boot Cam...

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VMware Fusion 2.0.5 update squashes bugs, adds 10.6 support

VMware Fusion has now been updated to version 2.05. The release number is Build 173382. It is a free update to all Fusion 1 and Fusion 2 owners. The update includes: Support for Mac OS X Server guest operating systems with Intel Xeon 5500 and 3500 series processors Experimental support for Sn...

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City of Heroes coming to Mac under Transgaming's Cider

Yet another MMO on the Mac -- EVE Online and World of Warcraft are already there, of course, and now NCSoft has announced that City of Heroes is coming to the Mac. Unfortunately, they're using Transgaming's Cider software to port the game, and as we've said before, the software isn't only unreliable...

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