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Safari AppleScript to enable Private Browsing, mount temporary download disk image

Now that we know how to enable the AppleScript menubar item, it's time to give Safari some AppleScript-enabled privacy features. For all those times when you need to enable Private Browsing and 'private downloading' in Safari, a macosxhints reader has posted an AppleScript with setup instructions th...

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1Passwd - password/form manager lets Firefox use the Keychain

*Oh snap!* Agile Web Solutions has created a password and form manager extension for both Safari and Firefox that fixes one of my biggest gripes about Mozilla's flagship browser: it can store website passwords in Mac OS X's Keychain Access application. For those who haven't stumbled upon the wonders...

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JungleDisk offers a far cheaper, cross-platform, encrypted iDisk

JungleDisk is quite possibly the first serious, easy to set up alternative I've seen to Apple's .Mac iDisk. Using the power of WebDAV, JungleDisk allows you to mount an online, syncing hard drive (with various size options available) on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, and save and access data to and f...

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Automator action for encrypting/decrypting files

Interested in beefing up security on some of your files or folders, but wary of the consequences if FileVault takes on a mind of its own? This Encrypt and Decrypt Files Automator action might be right up your alley, as it allows you to perform these actions with an algorithm and password. Perfect fo...

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