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iPad explorations with Qwiki

The developers behind the Qwiki website have produced a pretty cool iPad app version of the site. The app looks like a great way to experience Qwiki's narrated-encyclopaedia version of the world, offering location-sensitive lookups and making full use of the touch-capabilities of the iPad. "Q...

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TUAW's Daily App: Articles

We've talked about Articles here on the site before. Out of all of the apps that won Apple Design Awards this year, I would say it's probably the most underrated and most useful. It's a Wikipedia reader, which doesn't sound like much since the mobile version of Wikipedia is pretty good already. Havi...

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Wikimedia Foundation creates official iPhone app

The Wikimedia Foundation has just released a free app for accessing the web based encyclopedia right on your iPhone or iPod touch. Wikipedia Mobile [iTunes link] brings the full boatload of Wikipedia knowledge to a nicely formatted iPhone screen. In my tests, it responded quickly, and without any ...

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