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TUAW Tip: endo's keyboard shortcuts rock

Hi, my name is David Chartier, and I'm an RSS-aholic. [your collective response: Hi David] The last time I refreshed my newsreader was... well, probably a minute or two ago, and then 30 minutes before that. You see, I'm obsessed with news, and I've been using some sort of a newsreader for around t...

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endo: powerful RSS reader updates for Safari 3 beta

Since Adriaan Tijsseling makes one of the Mac's best blogging clients, it only makes sense that he also has a slick RSS newsreader called endo that we honestly don't stay on top of as much as we should.With features like a custom Growl-like alert window which allows you to read snippets of feed it...

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Write a plugin for endo

David Chartier likes endo so much that he banished NetNewsWire from his dock. High praise, I think, and now you can make endo do even more cool stuff by writing your very own plugins for it. endo ships with some pre-built plugins (one for Technorati and another for Flickr), but if you want to build ...

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NNW booted from my Dock, long live endo!

Scott posted on endo yesterday, and today I am happy to report that NNW has gone to that giant "poof" in the ex-Dock sky. Sure, endo has some minor "it's a 1.0 release" quirks, but this is the newsreader I've been waiting for. After putting it through its paces last night I was h...

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