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Apple sews up carbon fiber whiz, could lighter devices be in the works?

The aircraft industry is in the midst of a major change from building large passenger airplane structures from metal alloys to building those same structures out of composite materials like carbon fiber. The result? Aircraft that are much lighter (like that Boeing 787 Dreamliner pictured above)...

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360iDev: Mike Lee on changing the world with engineering

Former Delicious Monster and Tapulous developer Mike Lee (who now works for the mothership at Apple) took the stage to start off the last day of 360iDev in San Jose. He gave a wildly rambling speech about what it means to be an engineer and why programmers should not only make the best programs the...

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Apple losing engineers due to low salaries? Not so fast

A post on Slashdot by Oren Hurvitz yesterday highlights a Glassdoor analysis, claiming engineers at Apple have significantly lower annual salaries than their Silicon Valley (and Redmond) peers: Apple: $89,000 Yahoo!: $105,375 Microsoft: $105,642 Google: $112,573 The post asks, "Will Apple have...

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