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Tag: engineering

TrussMe! Learning a bit of structural engineering while having fun

Believe it or not, at one point in my life I was trained as a civil engineer; I'm still a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado. Some of my favorite classes at the university revolved around the design of structures. Regardless of the material being used -- steel, concrete, woo...

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RIP Mike Culbert, iOS and Newton pioneer

We've received direct word and noted on Twitter that that Mike Culbert, a longtime Apple hardware engineer, has passed away after battling cancer. According to his friends, he was a "brilliant engineer, a wonderful human being." He will be missed. Culbert began working at Apple over 25 years ...

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Apple seeking engineers for 'next generation' Apple TV development

A new job posting on Apple's website shows that the company is seeking a software engineering manager to "help deliver the next-generation features for Apple TV." Alright, sure, they probably didn't need that article in there. But still -- Apple is clearly trying to put together a team to build...

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Renowned chip designer leaps from Samsung to Apple

Apple's latest win against Samsung didn't happen in the court; it took place in the workplace. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple has added Samsung's Jim Mergard to its growing list of top industry talent. Mergard is a chip industry veteran who joined Samsung after a 16-y...

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iPhone prototype N94 leaked, possibly to be an iPhone 4S

There are lots of crazy rumors flying around about the new iPhone announcement coming later on this year (or as soon as next month), but this is one of the more credible. The picture above comes from a site called UbreakIfix through our friends at Engadget, and purports to show a prototype for ...

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How the iPad 2 got thinner and lighter

Putting a device that is already thin and light onto a weight loss program seems like an exercise in futility, but it's something that Apple engineers love to do. The entire line of MacBooks has become lighter and thinner over the years, and many were surprised when the new iPad 2 weighed in a ...

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AutoCAD comes back to the Mac

Autodesk, proprietor of popular 2D/3D design software AutoCAD, is about to bring AutoCAD back to the Mac after a nearly two decade estrangement. AutoCAD is to engineering and architecture design what Photoshop is to photo editing, so this is a Pretty Big Deal. Like many software makers (and users...

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Professional number crunching falls short with the Formulator Series calculators

My name is Steve, and I'm a recovering engineer. Although I'm no longer a practicing engineer, I still hold a Professional Engineer license and I'm still interested in most things dealing with engineering. That's why I perked up when I received an email from MultiEducator, Inc., a software developme...

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