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Meet Heckerty, well-known British children's story, makes its way to the iPad

Meet Heckerty is a delightful British children's story starring Heckerty, a "zany, 409-year-old, upside-down-on-her-broomstick, green-faced witch," and her sidekick cat Zanzibar. The traditional story has made its way to the iPad with a wonderful adaptation that takes advantage of the interacti...

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4 apps for the Royal Wedding

When it comes to European royalty, Americans go crazy. Beyond the garden-variety obsession with royalty, British royalty in particular is like Yank catnip. The ultimate bonkers-maker, however, is British royal weddings. When there's a royal wedding across the pond, Americans absolutely seem t...

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Ive due $30m stock windfall, may seek relocation back to UK

Other than Steve Jobs' brain, the mind most clearly at work in Apple's history of compelling and human-centric products belongs to Jonathan 'Jony' Ive, 44. After joining Apple in 1992, he rose to become the company's senior vice president of product design and has contributed his own clean, minima...

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Tesco begins selling iPad in the UK

Tesco, the massive global grocer and merchandising retailer, has begun selling all six models of the iPad on its Tesco Direct website and in select Tesco stores today. While the iPad has been available in the UK since May, the addition of Tesco as an iPad reseller is significant, because it is the ...

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iPad international availability set for May 28

already had to wait quite a bit longer than they expected, as US demand forced Apple to push back the worldwide product launch date. Pricing details were not included in the announcement. were included in the individual country releases, but not in the domestic release. Canadian pricing is $50 mo...

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Goin' underground with TubeStatus

Londoners like to know what's going on in the tunnels beneath their feet. The Tube is how every Londoner gets pretty much anywhere, and when bits of it are broken, it helps to know before you walk to the nearest Tube station. The beauty of the Tube, (well, the central zones in particular) is that th...

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New Apple Store coming to Leicester

Apple will open a new UK store in Leicester on September 4th. The 577 square metre store will be located in the Highcross Leicester development along with 119 others, 15 restaurants and 3000 parking spaces. The new store joins others in Birmingham, Manchester, Solihull and Sheffield to provide prett...

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Apple preps England's 10th and 11th store

ifoAppleStore - watchdogs that they are - report today that Apple is preparing to open two more stores in England. Specifically, the Touchwood mall in Solihull south of Birmingham has been identified as a likely location as well as Churchill Square in Brighton. If any of our operatives on the other...

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Is it cheaper to fake a battery repair than to buy new?

Notebook batteries aren't cheap these days, and our own Conrad Quilty-Harper from across the pond (of both TUAW and Engadget fame) blogged a little experiment to give his MacBook some new mobile legs. With a total of 11 parts replaced in six months (which is far more than required to put a machine t...

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Cricket team preps for World Cup with iPods

We've seen iPods used to help major league baseball players improve their swings, and medical students enhance their stethoscope skills. Now, England's Cricket team has adopted the little players as well. Players have been reviewing bowling actions - both their own as well as their competitors' - on...

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