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Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania offers custom engraved iPads to students

If you're heading back to school, attend the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and need to buy an iPad, you can pick up one with the school's logo engraved on the back. iPad engraving has been offered since October 2010 and has since begun to offer logo etching for ...

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Apple now offering iPad engraving

If you've ever wished you could put a personalized message on the back of an iPad like you can with an iPod, you're in luck: Apple has unveiled free engraving for the iPad just in time for the holiday season. Free, as in $0: for no additional cost, you can add a laser-engraved message onto a new iP...

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University of Oregon shows off engraved MacBook Pros

I've always been jealous of the folks who get free laptops from their work or school (back when I was in school, I used a paper notebook and a pen and liked it!), but I'm especially jealous of the folks from the University of Oregon's Center for Student Athletes, who not only get some sweet MacBook...

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Inappropriate iPod engraving text

TUAW reader Mark Wooten tipped us off to the fact that there's at least one name Apple won't engrave on the back of an iPod: Jesus Christ. As of this writing, you'll receive the error message "Inappropriate message text" when trying to use 'ol J.C.'s name to engrave your shiny new iPod. W...

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