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Chartcube turns spreadsheets into stories and conversations

Spreadsheets are invaluable tools for sharing, explaining, and quantifying information, but they're a pain to present to other people. If you want to share data from an Excel document during a presentation, you usually have to cut and paste charts from Excel into Powerpoint, which limits exactly ...

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Why the Mac was left out of Apple and IBM's landmark agreement

Fredrick Paul of Network World last week wrote that the conspicuous absence of the Mac from Apple and IBM's landmark partnership agreement represents a huge squandered opportunity for Apple. At the same time, leaving the Mac out of the IBM/Apple partnership removes the pressure on Microsoft's co...

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VMware releases survey on the "Apple Enterprise Invasion"

Today VMware announced the results of a company commissioned survey of 376 IT professionals to access the current state of enterprise desktops. The survey was conducted by Dimensional Research with the goal of capturing hard data on Apple device usage in the workplace, and to quantify the enterpri...

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Apple is becoming an increasingly major player in enterprise

The sun has long since set on the days of enterprise users walking around with BlackBerry smartphones on their hips, but what is taking the place of those keyboard-clad handsets? According to a new report soon to be released by Apple-focused IT management app maker JAMF Software (publisher of Casp...

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Apple is getting serious about enterprise solutions for iOS

After years of meager services, iOS 7 marked Apple's return to providing serious mobile enterprise solutions for businesses. Utilizing a wide range of options and mobile device management (MDM) services, iOS 7 can help, whether your office provides company phones or employees use their own. The M...

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Citrix announces DesktopPlayer for Mac, bringing Windows virtual desktops to MacBook users

One challenge for enterprise IT departments embracing "bring your own device" (BYOD) schemes is that they lose control of the highly controlled managed desktop environments that they've created over the years. This is especially true when employees decide that their device of choice is going to be...

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With BlackBerry floundering, iPad is there to pick up the enterprise pieces

Historically, Apple has never been, nor has it ever wanted to be, an enterprise driven company. Indeed, Steve Jobs never preoccupied himself with selling to the enterprise, and stories abound regarding his distaste for CIOs. Nonetheless, both Apple's iPhone and iPad have made tremendous inroads i...

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Business is cozying up to iOS 7

iOS 7 has been officially available since September 18, and given the attitude of corporations to move slowly on operating system updates and embracing new technologies, you might expect that it will take time for iOS 7 to make it into the executive suite. Joel Mathis at Macworld says that nothing...

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iOS 7: Benefits to business and enterprise

Ask IT managers and CIOs serving large organizations "What keeps you up at night?" After they get over their cold sweats from considering public security breaches or datacenter meltdowns, they'll probably come around to the rapid, relentless pace of change in the technology ecosystems they're runn...

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How do you update a few dozen iDevices at once?

So, let's say you have a bunch of iOS devices. How do you update them all to iOS 7 at one time? With Configurator and a big honking USB hub, is how. Yesterday while at Tekserve I got to see the beauty pictured above, a 40-port USB hub that costs more than most iPhones. A limitation in the USB spec...

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BlackBerry Secure Work Space now available on iOS

BlackBerry made a major announcement Tuesday with the expansion of its BlackBerry Enterprise Service to include iOS and Android devices. The move sees the phone company increasingly focusing on services as it deals with its strengths in the face of iOS and Android market share. Secure Work Space a...

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MacStadium to provide new Mac Pro hosting and colocation

For the Mac faithful, it won't do to share space on just any server -- you want to use a Mac server. Likewise, we like to have our own Mac servers colocated at a place that specializes in Macs. That's why hosting providers like MacStadium are so popular. Now MacStadium has announced that as soon a...

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Good news: Apple dominating enterprise activations

Good Technology released its Q4 2012 Device Activation Report (PDF) yesterday, and the news is good for Apple in terms of its dominance of in the enterprise market. But there are some dark clouds on the horizon for the computer company in the form of Android tablets, which are making inroads in...

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iOS enterprise deployment presentations from MacIT now online

Held concurrently with Macworld/iWorld 2013, MacIT is a conference dedicated to the deployment of Mac and iOS products in enterprise. Our own Mike Rose delivered a great writeup on this year's MacIT, and now a number of the presentations given at the conference have been made available in PDF for...

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Tekserve CTO speaks out on the trouble with managing iPad business migrations

Macworld has a fascinating interview up with Aaron Freimark, the CTO of NYC's well-loved independent Apple retailer Tekserve. Freimark's current job is to help companies do something we've talked about here quite a few times before: implement iPhones and iPads into their business environments. ...

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