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Microsoft releases celebrity tracking app for iPhone

Here's a head scratcher -- Microsoft launched a free new iOS app called Snipp3t (pronounced "snippet") over the weekend. The app lets you subscribe to your favorite celebrity, thereafter providing a personalized stream of headlines and social media feeds about them. You can also offer your own...

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Revolution 60: All-female action adventure

What happens when a mostly female development team comes together to create an action-adventure game staffed entirely by female characters? Revolution 60 by Giant Spacekat (US$5.99/try-then-IAP-buy) happens. It's a touch-based iPad story-driven take on Heavy Rain and Mass Effect. You play...

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Movie fans will love Anything After for iOS

Have you ever left a movie during the closing credits, only to learn that you missed something great? If so, give Anything After - the Movie Credits Stinger a try. The app is US$1.99 (half off for a brief time) and does just what it advertises. Search current or past movies and you'll get moviegoer...

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Electronic artist deadmau5 releases subscription music app for iOS

The music business landscape has changed over the last fifteen years from physical media to mostly digital transactions. Be it the iTunes store or streaming online, the way we consume music has radically changed. Accordingly, the way artists profit off their music has changed as well. Electronic...

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Red Herring: A terrific little game from 7 Little Words creator

Last night, my daughters and I spent several hours working our way through the first levels of Red Herring (free, with in-app purchases), a twistedly difficult new game from the creator of 7 Little Words and Moxie. The game presents you with 16 phrases at a time, which you categorize into 3...

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The iDelivery

With any luck, the pizza won't catch on fire. Thanks, Matt Johnson...

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BroApp coming to iOS amidst firestorm of opinion

BroApp, a US$1.99 Android app that sends automated texts to friends, partners, and family is heading soon to iOS. The app acts on your behalf as a kind of techno-Cyrano. It messages your recipient with a fortune cookie of attention. "Thinking of you." "Can't wait to see you." "Good morning! I hope...

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We gave Anchorman 2: Scotchy Scotch Toss a month to see if a movie tie-in game could grow on you.

Movie tie-ins are highly profitable, but notoriously terrible. Gamers want a chance to play with their favorite characters, but developers often rush a product to meet a film or TV show's release date. Despite being burned time and time again, consumers keep buying these games. Given the history of...

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Talking to Siri: TSFW (Totally Safe For Work)

Sometimes you ask Siri the worst things and it responds with unexpectedly sweet results. For example, ask it to "Talk dirty to me." Go on, we'll wait. Isn't that adorable? However, our very favorite safe-for-work result comes from the distinctly unsafe-for-work request to "Show me pictures of...

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Siri requests that make you want to fist-bump your iPhone

We love Siri. We love its constantly evolving snark and growing repertoire of silly responses. It's never the wrong time to highlight its interactions and introduce ones you may not yet be aware of. Today, we were in a Siri mood. Here are six fresh instances of Siri hilarity and utility. 6....

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This is the most important Mavericks keyboard shortcut you'll discover all day

Mavericks' new Control-Command-Space bar shortcut came up once again during conversation in the TUAW chat room this morning. Once again, I was surprised that this cool little trick isn't universally known. As a public service announcement, we'd like to continue to spread the word about this...

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Oh Siri, you tease: the iBooks plug edition

So what happens when you ask Siri to find you a bookstore? You may get some awesome snark ("Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.") Or, Siri might "suggest" another way for you to grab a book to read. Yes, Apple is now pushing iBooks as one of its...

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Google Fiber comes to iPhone, iPod touch with DVR functions

Google Fiber is nowhere near close to being available in my area -- or in most places in the US -- but to those few lucky enough to score the golden ticket, the companion iOS app has been updated to include support for iPhones and DVR management. Those features include a shortcut to reach your...

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Disney show to premier on iPad, Kindle Fire

The Disney Company has taken the bold step to release Sheriff Callie's Wild West on iPads and Kindles before it makes it to the more traditional Disney Channel and Disney Junior outlets. The New York Times reports that Disney feels there are enough kids using tablets that the jump is...

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Dollar Store Accessories: USB car charger

For a dollar, this USB car charger is quite adorable. Rated at 1 amp and surprisingly well built, I could find nothing to fault with this unit except that I bought it at the Dollar Store. Let me back up for a second here. Almost none of the other US$1 accessories I have purchased to date have an...

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