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BBC Radio 4 show highlights challenges for 'appreneurs'

The entrepreneurs among you who develop iOS apps might want to check out the podcast of this weekend's The Bottom Line show on BBC Radio 4. In a roundtable discussion titled "The App Industry," Evan Davis spoke with three iOS developers about the challenges of being an "appreneur" -- an entreprene...

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New TechCrunch app combines the best of TechCrunch and CrunchBase

TechCrunch took its popular iPad app, shrunk it down and ported it to the iPhone. The essential research app for tech entrepreneurs shares the same features as the iPad version, but has a UI that's optimized for the iPhone's smaller screen. You can read breaking news stories, follow what top ...

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Why entrepreneurs look to Steve Jobs for guidance (and why they shouldn't)

There's something about the juxtaposition of Apple stories and religious imagery that hits Wired magazine's design team right where they live. In 1997, the magazine's notorious 101 Ways to Save Apple story was represented on the cover by an Apple logo circled in a martyr's crown of thorns; this...

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White iPhone conversion kits land teenage entrepreneur in hot water

Since Apple's apparently having trouble making a white iPhone 4, a 17-year-old entrepreneur decided to do it himself. Fei Lam purchased white iPhone parts directly from Foxconn, the overseas factory that manufactures many of Apple's products, including the iPhone. He put up a website, WhiteiPhone4N...

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