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Apple OKs independent environmental audits of suppliers

Just yesterday, we reported on Apple's move to renewable energy at the Maiden, North Carolina data center and other facilities. Now USA Today is reporting that Apple has given the green light to begin independent environmental audits of the companies that make up the Apple supply chain. Apple appar...

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Catcher hopes to have MacBook Air plant working by November

A supplier of MacBook Air aluminum casings, Catcher Technology, recently had to shut down a plant in Eastern China following complaints by neighbors of "strange odors" emanating from the facility. While this could have been a concern for a critical part of the supply chain for one of Apple's mo...

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Al Gore taunted at shareholders' meeting, gets 10k more options anyway

Last week in this post and last night during the talkcast, we mentioned that Apple's shareholders had passed on a sustainability proposal during last week's meeting (the first time in recent memory that Apple didn't go for stricter environmental standards), but apparently the shareholders weren't...

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Greenpeace and Apple: Can you feel the love tonight?

Environmental activist group Greenpeace and Apple haven't exactly been good buddies in the past. For example, in the past Greenpeace slammed Apple with a mock Apple website, had fig-leaf clad representatives visit the first Apple Store in continental Europe, and "greened" the flagship Apple Store in...

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Blog Action Day: Five apps to help save the world

TUAW is participating in this year's Blog Action Day on 10/15, an annual event in which bloggers around the world aim to spark discussion and awareness of serious and important issues. This year's topic is climate change, and fortunately, just like last year, we in the Apple community are in a pret...

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Apple not big on trees? Greenpeace releases "green electronics" report

Over at Download Squad today, we're talking about the report on "green electronics" and "e-waste" that Greenpeace released this morning. It's no secret that environmentalists have been unhappy with Apple--despite their claims to be an eco-friendly company--for a long time. This is the first time, t...

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